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The birth rate in the United States has been declining since 2019, the year with the lowest number of newborns since 1985. The Brookings Institution of the United States estimates that the United States will see less than 300,000 and a half million children in 2021, a 13% drop from 2019. The epidemic can accelerate the decline. A survey conducted by the Guttmacher Institute in June 2020 found that 34% of women want to delay pregnancy or have fewer children due to the uncertainties caused by the epidemic.

Why does the world report fewer births?

Historically, pregnancy decline has been linked economic instabilityThere is a direct connection between income and births. When incomes rise, the birth rate rises. For example, the US birth rate fell sharply in 2007 after rising to its highest level in recent decades after the 2008 crisis. According to Brookings, the Great Depression recorded a 9% decline in births.

Grows health problems It also played a big role this year, as it did during the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 work from home environment, where children mostly stay at home, և parents have to take care of them by balancing other responsibilities, it also hinders the children. He! less likely couples met In 2020 և: Fertility clinics remain closed,

Even the search for “morning sickness” և “pregnancy test kits” has decreased.

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Osh oshua Wilde և and his team at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Germany predicted that the decline, at least in the United States, was likely to continue for months. They researched online search to find keywords about pregnancy (for example, “Clearblue” – a set of pregnancy tests) or “morning sickness”. The search for terms has fallen, with the company announcing a 15.2% drop in births by August. It also predicts the largest birth decline in more than a century, which will last longer than the fall of 2008 or even the Great Depression of 1929.

Why is the population declining?

Yes, fewer people would mean less burden on the environment. This may mean that children cry less on flights. From the point of view of utilitarianism, the decrease in birth rate is harmful to the economy. The young population promotes growth and innovation. They are necessary for the functioning of the health systems of the elderly population. The lower the working age, the lower the taxable income on old-age pensions and health care. In the 1960s, there were six working ages for each retiree. Today that ratio is one in three. Until 2035, according to the UN World Population Aging Report, this will be occasional. Our population will soon be much larger than it is today if the world does not promote its childish play.

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