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[FILES] Newborn verbs

The study, published in The Lancet, found reasons why babies born with disabilities in Nigeria և’s low-income countries are more likely to die than babies born in developed countries.

A study by scientists from 74 countries, including Abuja National Hospital, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi Arab University and Ibadan University College Hospital (ICH), showed the need for pre- or post-correction care. in surgical centers.

Researchers have found that children treated in hospitals are more likely to die without ventilation and intravenous feeding. In addition, skilled anesthesia support was found, and a surgical safety checklist was missing during the operation.

According to research, the survival of a baby born with a birth defect, otherwise known as a congenital anomaly, depends on the place of birth.

The study looked at the risk of death for about 4,000 newborns with birth defects in 264 hospitals worldwide. It found that children with malignant intestinal tract were more likely to die in every high-income country than every fifth in a middle-income country and a fifth in a low-income country.

The study found that gastroscopy, which is an imperfection when a baby comes out of the umbilicus (navel), causes a noticeable difference in mortality, with 90 percent of children dying in low-income countries compared with one percent. in high-income countries.

In developed farms, most of these babies would survive without disability.

The national leader, Dr. Taiwo Loal, of the UCH in Ibadan, emphasized that stakeholders և policy leaders should take the opportunity to explore the global north-south distance by reducing the unmet surgical needs of children.

Principal Investigator Dr. Naomi Wright said: “Geography should not determine outcomes for infants who have corrective surgical conditions.”

Member of the Global Project Steering Committee գլխավոր Chief Consultant of the National Hospital Pediatrician, Abuja, Prof. Emanuel Ame said that improving survival in low- and middle-income countries includes three key elements. Strengthening Prenatal Diagnosis և Childbirth in a hospital with surgical care. ; Improve the care of children born in primary և secondary care facilities with safe և rapid transfer to a tertiary surgery center. բարել Improving the care of newborns in the surgical center.

Head of LUTH Pediatric Surgery, Prof. Adesoji Ademuyiwa has challenged federal, state, and local government leaders to prioritize children ‘s surgical needs.

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