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Do not let a single tooth smile, chubby arms and baby talk fool you. Inside the most expensive package, there is a fierce determination to do the impossible. To walk:

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But when should your child start walking? What are the signs that will happen soon? Pediatrician Michel Marshall, doctor, has your baby bible.

When babies start walking

Although the average walking age of a newborn is about 12 months, some take the first steps even sooner or later. “Babies can start walking as early as 9 months,” says Dr. Marshall. “It is normal for children to need more time, to start walking at 17 or 18 months.”

They will not master this new skill as soon as they leave. “Wait a while for that broad base,” says Dr. Marshall. “It simply came to our notice then. Your baby may not be on his or her feet until he or she is 15 to 18 months old. ”

Signs that your baby will be walking soon

How do you know your baby is approaching life? 9 months to 9 to 12 months Watch for these signs that your baby will be walking soon.

  • Pull to position.
  • Cruising or keeping something while walking.
  • Standing without support.

Although some babies crawl, it is not necessary to walk. “Some babies just crawl in commandos (pulling on their bellies). Others crawl on their hands and knees or miss crawling altogether, ”says Dr. Marshall. “The most important thing is to stretch oneself to the full position. It’s a big event that happens just before the babies walk on their own. ”

How to Encourage Newborns to Walk (Safe)

If your baby just can’t handle the hump, Dr. Marshall recommends a few ways to encourage your baby.

  • Reach out. When your child is able to stand up to the stop, hold their hands to help them take action.
  • Use supports. “Push toys can be useful. “They have four points on the floor, so they are very stable. Your child can use them for support when they are pulled and moving,” says Dr. Marshall. Common household items can also do the trick. Flip the laundry basket, which is usually the height of newborns, with them steadily crumbling when standing or pushing.
  • Avoid baby walkers. Baby walkers are wheeled devices in which you sit with your baby to push them around. “They can be dangerous around open doors, on stairs, they can get stuck in places,” warns Dr. Marshall.

He warns you not to leave your child unattended as he or she puts his or her new skill to work. “If you have to leave for a minute, put your child on a playground where he or she will not be able to escape, either in their crib or on a portable grape. Babies always find something to enter, so the best thing to do is to sit on all fours and look around to see what dangers you need to block. ”

When should your child start wearing shoes?

Although small shoes can melt even the most difficult hearts, they are not necessary for a child to learn to walk properly.

“We need shoes when we protect our feet or get out of them,” says Dr. Marshall, “but bare feet inside the house or socks with rubber handles on the inside are good.”

In fact, being barefoot can help your baby feel better on the floor, which can really help him move along.

When to talk to your doctor about your baby walking

Remember that what is healthy and normal for one child may not be healthy for another. Every child grows: develops at his own pace.

Talk to your pediatrician, however, if your child is able to walk all the way but has not been able to walk on his or her own since he or she is 18 months old. These destinations include:

  • Walking in both directions (4 to 6 months).
  • Sitting without support (usually 6 to 7 months).
  • Pull to position.
  • Cruising

“If they reach everyone, be patient, as it may just take longer,” says Dr. Marshall. “But if you have concerns about when your child should walk or encounter other physical activities, we are here to help.”

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