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Arthur Conning is currently being treated at Starship Hospital in Auckland. Photo / provided

Four-month-old Arthur Conning screamed in pain for six weeks and lost weight quickly before being rushed to Starship Hospital, but specialists are still struggling to diagnose his condition.

Aroha’s mother, Anna Koning, is in Auckland, desperately waiting to hear what her second child is suffering from. Specialists “lean back” to find out, including genetic testing for cystic fibrosis and a biopsy of his stomach.

He was taken to a hospital in Waikato, but staff initially did not find anything wrong with him. He was discharged, but returned only three days later.

“She had only 20 ml of milk at home in 24 hours, so she did not drink. “He was just screaming, screaming in pain,” he told the Herald.

“She refused to drink because she knew it would hurt her.

“She was very sick. He looked at you as if he was just giving up … it was awful. ”

Conning said he had lost almost a pound and was so malnourished he could not lift his head.

Posting her way on social media, the mother of two said she watched her son “get worse day by day” as he went from three sizes of dough to one large.

Arthur underwent surgery for a sore throat, where he was diagnosed. It is a common condition in newborns when the tissue above the vocal cords is particularly soft and the breathing is noisy.

But for two weeks, “without response”, Arthur was taken to Starland Hospital in Auckland, where he added 200 grams and currently tolerates 25 ml of milk per hour through a feeding tube.

Conning says a child his age should have 50 to 60 ml per hour.

He should be healthy enough to do more tests next week and give results to others.

“He looks a lot better now, he’s actually talking to us right now,” Conning said.

“I just want answers. I just want to get the care she needs. That is not fair. I have not been home for almost a month. ”

Her partner և daughter returned home to A Aroha with the help of her mother, and Conning is in Auckland.

Conning’s friend Lee-Ann Murray has created a Givealittle page to help cover travel expenses և Conning’s “extra costs”. In two days, the page raised almost $ 4,000.

Conning was shocked, surprised by Murray’s gesture, pressured by support. Conning has previously helped Murray raise money for breast cancer.

“Amazing is possible. I thought it would be a few hundred [dollars] “But not that, it is absolutely oppressive,” he said.

“Amazing is possible, you don’t have to think day in and day out.”

Any money not used by Konings will be donated to Starship Hospital.

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