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Dr. Essica Erig explains the dangers of COVID-19 for unvaccinated pregnant women and their children.

TEMPLE, Texas – A temple doctor is urging pregnant women to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their babies.

Dr. Essig Erig is an obstetrician-gynecologist at Baylor Scott և White here at Temple. KCEN 6 News was able to sit down with her to discuss the dangers of both COVID-19 and the vaccine for an unvaccinated pregnant woman and her baby.

Are there any adverse effects of the vaccine on pregnancy?

Many women are concerned about the negative side effects that the vaccine may have on their pregnancy and ultimately their baby. However, Erig notes that there are no concerns, that the data proves it.

“The CDC is following up on all pregnant mothers who report getting pregnant while receiving the vaccine,” Errig said. “We have evidence that there is no increased risk of side effects for pregnant women receiving the vaccine, an increased risk of fetal recurrence, or poor pregnancy outcomes for our vaccinated mothers.”

Erig denies the idea that the vaccine crosses and attacks the placenta.

Can the vaccine cause infertility?

Erig simply said that was not true.

“There is no evidence that the vaccine causes infertility in men or women,” she said.

What are the side effects of getting pregnant with COVID-19?

Errig underscored growing concerns about the Delta version.

“We find that our pregnant patients who receive COVID are more likely to be hospitalized, they are more likely to be in the ICU, they are more likely to be intubated, what we have seen “We are partners all over the country. In fact, maternal mortality is also on the rise,” Erig said.

He also said that the effects on the fetus increase if the mother becomes infected with COVID-19.

“We know that COVID և pregnancy և also puts the baby at greater risk, with the greatest risk being premature birth and stillbirth,” she said.

Erig said that these effects occur because mothers experience a decrease in oxygen levels, which means that their babies have low oxygen levels.

Are there any benefits to getting vaccinated?

Erig said the benefits of the vaccine continue for children even after birth.

“After vaccination, mothers build an antibody response, which is their body’s defense mechanism. It turns out that these antibodies cross the placenta and provide protection. [the] child after child [is] born, “Erig said.

He adds: “Besides, the same antibodies have been found in breast milk from these mothers, so the mother continues to protect her baby after giving birth.”

In general, Erig says the best way to protect yourself and your baby is with a vaccine.

Watch the full interview with Dr. Essica Erig below.

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