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A small child has his own pair of bodyguards who look at the crib while he sleeps and play.

No, not two neat men in suits, but instead a pair of American Bulldogs with chain collars.

The footage posted by TheBullyDistrict to TikTok on June 15 begins with a shot of two dogs lying on a carpet in a nursery room.

They wag their tails as they lie side by side, both looking in the same direction.

The camera then walks around the room to show a child lying in bed, looking up at the Star Wars collector as he happily shreds.

The footage is written in the covered text. “When your child comes with his bodyguards.”

Attractive adorable video is captioned.

The trailer was hugely popular online, with more than 122,900 views and more than 16,700 hits.

Many gathered in the comments section to share their thoughts on the sweet scene.

One of the TikTok users, Bruce Deere, wrote: “Never worry about security.”

Another person, Tia, added: “A baby is always going to have to be supported.”

Seal Team 2 typed: “The gift of God! The dog is truly everyone’s best friend and soul mate forever. They know our feelings, they want to be loved before they die. ”

User 152081443258 has blown up. “The newborn shakes, the dogs’ tails sway. It’s a colorful party. “

Stella Christo Trichomitis commented. “So smart dogs are the best.”

While the account holder 6372572211099 found out that his dogs were behaving in the same way, he wrote: “I will say that our German shepherd Huskies are very protective of my now two-year-old granddaughter … : «

One dog that may not be the biggest bodyguard in the latest viral video is the puppy fighting against its reflection in the mirror.

In a video posted on TikTok by the Ashethepittie account on May 30, you can see a small dog walking towards the large mirror in the living room.

Seeing the quiz, he then looks at his own reflection, before moving forward, trying to collide with himself in the mirror, using his paws and head to attack.

The beautiful shots have been viewed 14 million times so far, collecting 3.1 million likes.

The video is captioned. “Throw our first day #Cyprus #fypp #greece #pitbull #bluenose #bluenosepitbull #puppy #pittie #throwbacks.”

Newsweek: Contact TheBullyDistrict for comment.

American Bulldog
Stock image of an American Bulldog. In the TikTok video, the baby is being watched by two dogs with similar looks.
Getty Images:

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