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Trover saves space Number 1 is a rare example of how to connect with comics for video game work. At some point, this issue did not feel like raising money, which is often the case with this type of book. A great reason for it to work is Tess Stone, who wore all the hats – wrote, illustrated – wrote the question in letters. Stone has created a true story that unfolds in the frantic world of Trover Saves the Universe. There are obvious hints to the game, mainly the events of the issue. Somehow, you transform as this character by playing the role of Trover companion as you play.

All I can say is that I was happy to find that this first issue is readily available to newcomers to the property. It does not have to be a game, although it is a great idea to get to know the world և game heroes. This is especially true thanks to the voice of property creator Just Astin Royland. The humor of comics և especially the game is similar to Royland’s other work, Rick և Mortin. I had a hard time not hearing his voice with every line I read, it’s far from a bad thing. When you have a problem, so do you. A great reason why this is so easy to do is Tess Stone. It perfectly captures the spirit of the game, which makes it such a natural addition to the property. The game’s artistic style translates well to translate something into 3D (especially in virtual reality) comics without loss of quality.

The characters are well-formed and unique, which is achieved due to the simple shapes of the characters in general. Stone gives Clover և Boy some very unique looks that will not take long to figure out who’s a good idea of ​​their personalities. In many ways, Stone’s talent and ingenuity go hand in hand. The game is known for its innovative and clever use of VR, while comics can not do these things, Stone is able to use the comic environment. Trover removes the billboards, almost as if he were flipping through a page to begin the story. Time and space are a huge part of the game, և while the game allows time to be distorted և, the book uses characters that break the boards to move forward. The humor and self-awareness of the game, like that of Royland’s other works, are alive and well in this regard, thanks to Stone, without experiencing another comic of video games.

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