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This is the moment you have been waiting for when your baby finally stops eating liquid from all his food և can actually swallow some solids. But if you have ever taken some samples of your baby’s first food, they may be a little better at best. Before reaching for the spices, you can ask yourself: Can children have salt? It is better to know before you start sprinkling it with whole strained peas.

Can your child have salt?

Although you may think that your baby’s food should be salty, it probably is not necessary, – advises Dr. Arunima Agarwal, doctor, pediatrician, FAAP. “Children under 12 months are not recommended to add salt to their food,” he says. “Salt is naturally found in many foods, it is often added to many processed foods, even bread and cereals.” This is why you can read labels to see how much salt in your food և Choose fresh foods with less salt (չափազանց not over-processed foods because they are higher in sodium) as often as possible.

Is it necessary to add salt to baby food?

Although many foods already add salt, you may not need to add extra to your baby’s meal. Why? The ash may be quite salty, but you I just can not taste it. Right’s true, with age your taste buds decrease, a PubMed: found study. So what may seem like blah baby food may contain enough salt to saturate your little candy. Also, the food probably has enough (if not more) salt than your baby needs. “Adequate sodium intake for children 7-12 months is 360 mg per day,” says Sarah Rouven, founder of Rooted Wellness, RD, MS, CDN. “This equals about a pinch of salt a day.”

Are there any risks to adding salt to your baby’s diet?

It may seem that a pinch of salt should not have a negative effect on your baby, but it is possible. “A baby’s kidneys are not mature enough to take in sodium, so the amount they need is very low,” said Cara Hoer, RDN, a registered nutritionist and dietitian Romper. “Children under 1 year of age no longer need more than 200 mg / day of food, as they already receive sodium from breast milk or formula, and children from 1 to 3 years old still need about 800 mg of sodium per day.” And when you realize how much sodium is already in the food we eat (just one piece of bread can have more than 200 mg of sodium), you will see how quickly it can all add up. Says Dr. Agarwal. “Sodium intake increases the risk of high blood pressure early on.”

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Here’s how to put one together for use with your baby’s food

Let’s say that unsalted carrot just doesn’t cut it. Well, if you want to add more flavor to your baby’s food, skip the salt and choose spices instead. “It is better to introduce children to other spices from the beginning with other spices than just salt,” Hoer advises. Dr. Agarwal agrees, adding: salt. “

So, do you need to measure your baby’s salt intake?

Yes, but not too much. “Do not stress, count a milligram of salt,” advises Rouven. “As long as your baby’s diet is not focused on processed foods, your baby should get the right amount.” Be sure to limit your sodium intake to foods (consider, for example, processed soups, vegetables, hot dogs, olives, and cheese) so that your child gets the right amount of salt without compromising health.

Salt is in almost everything we eat, and as such, there really is no reason to increase our baby’s salt intake. Just know that your baby needs to be exposed to flavors (not sodium) to help your baby develop a healthy love of a variety of nutritious foods throughout his or her life.


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Dr. Arunima Agarwal, MD, FAAP, pediatrician

Rooted Wellness Founder Sarah Rouven, RD, MS, CDN

Kara Hoer, RDN, Registered Nutritionist

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