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“Getting the vaccine can keep you from being someone who is suffocating and wondering if they will ever be able to see their baby,” says Dr. Marta Perez.

ST. LO IS IS – The number of COVID patients in the St. Louis area is growing at a rate we have not seen since last fall.

Infection rates in the area nearly tripled just two months ago as the highly contagious delta version continues to spread in the community.

Medical professionals are doing their best to protect families, including our most vulnerable populations.

CONTACT Obstetric groups recommend the COVID vaccine during pregnancy

Expectant mothers are at risk for severe COVID.

Mercy St. Louis Laura Vritsela, MD, a obstetrician and gynecologist, said they had jumped significantly in just the last week.

“What we saw last week was a huge increase in the number of pregnant women who needed to be hospitalized,” she said. “Among those women were several women who became seriously ill. “It is devastating to see a woman who is pregnant and about to enter the respiratory tract.”

Each of the COVID patients he saw was not vaccinated.

“These women are just so sick, we just pray they can all get out,” said Dr. Vritsela.

At Barnes Jewish Hospital, OBGYN Dr Martha Perez says the number of pregnant mothers in the ICU is at the same level or even higher than the winter increase.

When a mother-to-be becomes infected with the virus, the baby may also be exposed to certain risks.

“A pregnant abdomen changes the ability of the chest և to adequately ventilate the lungs, and in addition, you provide another life by giving you oxygen,” said Dr. Perez.

Dr. Vrisella և Dr. Perez had to deliver the babies before their due date.

Dr. Perez said there are two reasons for a pregnant woman to give birth prematurely with COVID.

“The mother could not breathe or carry oxygen, so the baby could not. “Because the baby relies on the mother’s oxygen, we have to give it to the baby to save the mother’s life, so that the baby can get air,” he said. .

Another reason may be the damage done.

“The lungs can be so damaged by the infection that they can’t oxygenate well enough to give the baby enough,” says Dr. Perez. “So, even though the mother is on her feet, the baby starts to suffer; she has to give birth because the pregnancy environment is not enough to maintain good health.”

She said one mother immediately regretted not being vaccinated before life support, which required premature birth.

His partner also had COVID-19.

“They both had COVID, և the NICU could not keep her there to protect the baby, so no one could be with the baby after delivery,” said Dr. Perez.

Both doctors stressed that it was preventable.

Dr. Perez says “5 by you” Some patients get misinformation from non-specialists.

Many say they are concerned about the safety of the vaccine and infertility.

“The reality is that many of these hypothetical risks are really just hypothetical,” said Dr. Vritsela.

As a new mom, she understands the concerns, Dr. Perez understands the concerns, but she knows how effective the shot is.

“We have only seen benefits for newborns, we have only seen benefits for mothers. Getting the vaccine may prevent you from being suffocated, wondering if they will ever be able to see their baby. “I’m OBGIN, I’m a mother, I can tell you, with all my confidence this vaccine is safe for pregnancy է it is recommended,” said Dr. Perez.

Dr. Vritzela responded to the security, adding that the shot could have been two for one.

A mother can pass antibodies to her baby during pregnancy or breastfeeding, giving the newborn baby immunity for several months.

“If the trends we see continue, it will be a very, very difficult decline for our pregnant women and their children,” said Dr. Vritsela.

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