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Jane Ein Blasio spent most of her adult life trying to track down her birth parents after learning she had been sold as a baby by a doctor who operated an abortion clinic in Georgia.

Authorities have determined that Thomas J .. Hicks, a physician at the Hicks Clinic in McKaysville, Tennessee, sold a lot of newborns.

One of those children sold was Blazio, the author of a new book, The Book Noodle, released earlier this week.

"Taken at birth" Book cover (credit: Jane Blasio)

“Taken from Birth” book cover (credit Jane Ein Blasio)

The fake adoptions took place behind closed doors, without any official documents, leading to Blasio questioning his teenage birth certificate.

Why did he not know anything about the adoption process or his birth parents?

“It was cathartic,” Blasio said of his research. “It’s funny because you think I’m 56 years old, that you understood all that և what this book did for me… և its writing. «

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Writing the book made her “better understand” not only about herself but also about her adoptive parents.

“I struggled with them growing up a little bit. I love them like crazy, like all kids love their parents, but there. [were] “Many things I felt were tireless in my heart,” he said.

Blazio’s father was a police officer who “knew right from wrong” even though he eventually got his first crime.

Jane Ein Blasio (left) ույր sister (credit: Jane Ein Blasio)

Jane Ein Blasio (left) ույր sister (credit: Jane Ein Blasio)

“He knew what he was doing,” the author said of the father’s decision to buy a child from the clinic. “It has been a point of contention since I was old enough to understand what he did.”

Law enforcement turned a blind eye to what Hicks was doing at the time, allowing him to get rid of infant trafficking for years, said Blasio, now a federal law enforcement official. Hicks eventually lost his medical license to have an illegal abortion in 1964, according to People magazine. He died in 1972 at the age of 83.


The author learned that he was adopted at the age of 6, but began to question how he was still a teenager.

The “front” of his life became more complicated during the journey to find out the truth about his adoption and birth parents.

The first story to reveal the Hicks Clinic was published in 1997.

Jane Blasio as a child (credit: Jane Blasio)

Jane Blasio as a child (credit: Jane Blasio)

Since then, Blazio has helped Hicks sell other babies to learn more about their early lives. The author has spent the past 20 years in the clinic, its impact on the so-called “Hicks newborns”.

He helped those sold outside the clinic. “Many did not know they had been adopted,” he said. TLC’s program focuses on history, fostering those efforts.


Blazio found out that some of the birth fathers had been in the dark for decades. Some thought that their children died at birth. others had no idea they existed.

DNA sampling is much more accessible today than it was in 1997, when history first began, which allowed more of Hicks’ newborns to connect with their families.

“It’s definitely a gift for people looking for family members,” Blasio said of home sample collections such as 23andMe և AncestryDNA.

Jane Ein Blasio (right) (sister (credit: Jane Ein Blasio)

Jane Ein Blasio (right) (sister (credit: Jane Ein Blasio)

The ongoing reunions “are not getting old,” he said, calling the attempt to reunite adult children with their parents “one of the best things in my life.”


Blazio hopes his book will bring Hicks’ newborns closer to the truth. It is unclear exactly how many newborns were sold from the clinic during the 1940s and 1960s, although investigators estimate that there were more than 200.

“This story is not just about me. “This story is about the clinic and all the people who were devastated by it,” he said. “I would say to people, ‘Strengthen your belt, because whether we find something or not, it will be your way of life.’

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