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EXPERTS have called for urgent action in the wake of maternity concerns across England, with three in every 1,000 people born in Dorset dying.

As a new report from MPs calls for more work to be done to make maternity services more secure across England, an analysis of recent data reveals how Dorset’s parents have been affected by stillbirth and infant mortality.

The government is committed to reducing the number of deaths of stillborns, infants and mothers by 2025.

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But experts are calling for urgent action after discrepancies in maternity care concerns across England were highlighted in a survey by the Parliamentary Committee on Health and Welfare.

The committee said that the infant mortality rate in the country had improved significantly, but that overall improvement in safety due to the “shocking failures” of some NHS trusts was very slow.

Data from the National Statistics Office show that eight children were born dead in Dorset in 2019. Year for which the latest data are available.

This meant that about three out of every 1,000 newborns in the area that year were stillborn.

Another four newborns died within 28 days of birth ⁠ – equaling approximately two out of every 1,000 cases.

The figures do not indicate whether any of the deaths could have been prevented or were due to maternity failures.

The number of newborns who died in Dorset is lower than the national average. In England մոտ Out of every 1,000 babies born in Wales, about four were born in 2019, ից three in 1,000 died before they were one month old, and those born to black or Asian mothers were significantly more likely to die.

The speaker of the Dorset clinical committee said. “Every death or death of a newborn is devastating to the family involved. Dorset տեղ մայր տեղ համակարգը ors ors ors ors ors ors ors ors ors::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

“We work with the entire Dorset area to ensure that staff with the Saving Babies Lives Care package offered by NHS England works to support all families, including our minority ethnic groups, in their socio-economic vulnerabilities. families of origin. We work with our Maternity Voices representatives to work with local families to understand their needs and experiences ում At Dorset, they present their views on all aspects of maternity care.

“If you are concerned about the movement of your newborns or have any other concerns, please contact your midwife or workline on 0300 3690388.”

The Committee’s report states that the Government’s commitment to halving the infant and neonatal mortality rate is not achieving fair results.

It added that women of minority ethnic-socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds and children were at greater risk than their white or less deprived peers.

Chief Midwife Officer Jacques Aklin Dunkley-Bent, who is developing an equity strategy, said the NHS had achieved a 25% reduction in stillbirths in a decade, welcoming the 95 95m government funding announced earlier this year.

However, she told the survey that some of the users of childbirth services had to fight against social and financial deprivation, inequality, discrimination and racism, adding: “I can not say for sure when we will close the gap of justice.”

Klia Harmer, CEO of SANDS, a charity for stillbirth and neonatal mortality, called for an in-depth investigation to set goals to address the discrepancies.

He said. “Infants should not be at greater risk of death simply because of their parents’ zip code, ethnicity or income.”

The study found that the government’s overall progress towards achieving its own maternal safety goals և said that maternity services should receive an additional միլիոն 350 million a year in immediate effect to improve the workforce’s training standards.

The spokesperson for the Department of Health and Social Welfare said that maternal safety was a priority for the government, that no parent or child should have unavoidable harm during childbirth.

They added: “We know there is still a lot to do. Ությունը The government is supporting NHS obstetricians by investing in improving workplace culture while financing birth-related brain injuries to better meet the needs of local obstetric staff.

“A strong workplace culture only changes when the NHS has the staff it needs, so we are increasing the labor force by raising միլիոն 95 million.”

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