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By Daniel Smikhovsky

August 8, 2021 (San Diego) – There is a glimmer of sunshine in the San Diego area that offers compassion to the families of children born prematurely with major medical problems. From much-needed transportation to emotional support in terms of care packages, craft activities and free meals, Miracle Kids is a valuable resource in our region.

The summary of their mission statement is as follows: Their text is “Together for a Better Beginnings”, reflecting this family’s connection to the critical early weeks և months կյանքի of the baby’s connection to improved health outcomes.

Realizing the potential of parents in the hospital with their newborns as much as possible, miracle children provide the necessary transportation network. Transportation issues, including the cost of gas, hospital parking fees, and medical impairment, are significant barriers that many San Diego families must overcome to be with their children. By providing transportation services for families, Miracle Babies helps alleviate the stress of everyday life by allowing mom և dad to get to the hospital, kangaroo care (skin-to-skin practice), and breastfeeding more often. achieving better baby health outcomes.

Based in San Diego, there are satellite offices in Orange and Los Angeles. Miracle Babies serves many local hospitals, including Rady’s Childrens, Scripps և Sharp Grossmont Hospitals. Evana Schiff is the event coordinator for the San Diego local office. He worked tirelessly for two years as a dedicated employee. “Working here is such a fun experience.”

Madame Schiff also serves as the Super Hero 5k runner-up on August 15 at Liberty Station. This large fundraising event attracts hundreds of participants, all for a worthy cause. Most applicants prefer to walk, but many prefer to take a certified 5k course. Prizes are awarded to the winners in the selected age groups.

For more information on Services or 5k running, call Miracle Babies at 858.633.8540 or visit

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