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The birth of their baby was supposed to be a happy occasion for these new parents, but it quickly turned into a disturbing situation when the face of the Denver couple’s newborn daughter was cut off during an emergency caesarean section.

“For your granddaughter to be born to go to a plastic surgeon, get 13 stitches, it’s devastating, it’s heartbreaking,” Walter Williams, the baby’s grandfather, told FOX 31 Denver.

The baby’s parents, Regina ամ Damarcus Williams, said they originally planned to give birth to their youngest daughter, Kyan, naturally at Denver Health Hospital. However, Kyan was born on June 15 in an emergency room after doctors were unable to detect the baby’s heartbeat.

“They said our baby made a sudden movement. They could not hear his heartbeat or find it,” Damarcus recalled. “They said his face was close to the placenta wall.”

“They gave me pills to speed up my work, and a few minutes later I was rushed to emergency surgery,” said Rezhjana.

But when Damarcus first saw his daughter, he noticed a lip on her left cheek, from nose to ear. Williams said medical staff told him it was a “scratch” but he did not believe it.

“I was like, ‘It’s not a scratch.’ It is not [sic] “They look like a scratch to me,” he told FOX on Tuesday. – My mind was everywhere. I am offensed “:

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When the baby was born to Kian, the family said he needed 13 stitches on his face. They said a plastic surgeon had come to suture the baby’s cheek.

“I tried to understand what had happened, but other than that, his face was cut off, the plastic surgeon had to do it, just a lot of things I do not understand with C-section,” said Rezhjana. “I have never heard of anyone having to deal with their child’s face after receiving such a haircut.”

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Williams said the hospital gave him runad in the next few days without telling him what happened at the maternity hospital. She said she was eventually told that Kyani was too close to the wall of the placenta where doctors cut her during childbirth.

“I feel sorry for him,” Williams added. “She is OK. He can’t sleep on that side. “

The 23-year-old father is also worried that his daughter will be ridiculed and ridiculed when she grows up and starts attending school.

“Everyone asks him what happened, or everyone makes fun of him, like, ‘Oh, you’re a scar,'” he added.

The family consults a plastic surgeon for Kyanni, trying to hide the scars. They are also looking for a lawyer to prosecute.

During that time, the family created a GoFundMe page to help raise money for medical expenses.

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Denver Health Hospital provided the following announcement:

Emergency C-incision is performed only when the mother և (or) child’s life is in danger. Even with all precautions, there are risks associated with any medical procedure; although rupture is a known complication in Section C, it is more common in emergency procedures. We are sorry that the baby was injured, but we are relieved that the baby was born healthy and is now at home. Denver Health – our providers are sitting with the family – are committed to answering any further questions. Our focus is always on providing care for the mother և child before, during and after birth.

According to the National Institute of Child Health, a C-section study conducted at 13 university centers from 1999 to 2000 found that 0.7% of the more than 37,000 C-sections had ended in newborns with torn skin.

The hospital issued a statement, which reads: “Denver Health was in direct contact with the family. Although this is a well-known medical complication in emergency C-sections, our focus is always on maximizing the best interests of the mother և child. At Denver Health, the safety and well-being of our patients is our number one priority. ”

This story was reported from Tampa, California, Los Angeles, California.

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