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The mother was shocked when she suddenly recorded the first words of her baby on the camera, and the footage shows TikTok having a baby fever.

When mom և TikToker Courtney Green (@ mrsgreen0919) sat down to record her 10-month-old self-standing Lyla, she never expected to capture this huge event.

In fact, he was just jokingly trying to get Lila to say “mama” because Courtney and her husband were constantly betting that it would be their baby’s first word.

So when Courtney asked her baby again: “Can you say ‘mama’?” He never waited for Lila’s answer, nor did he expect to be photographed with it on camera.

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But with a big, toothless smile, Lila clearly stated. “Mama!”

Courtney suffocated, then exclaimed. “You said mom.”

Ed’s mom continued to explain in her on-screen text.[And] Then I cried ugly because I caught his first word on camera [and] it was mom. “

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“Oh oh my GOSH, my heart”

Courtney’s video, with more than 2 million views, was flooded with emotional comments.

“Uh, I felt your joy in that. “For the first time, they say your name is the best,” wrote one user.

“I started crying too. Excitement when your child says his or her first words are so real, ”commented another user.

“It simply came to our notice then. What an amazing moment the camera captured. ” wrote another user.

“Oh! It was so expensive. Thank you for letting us enjoy this event. ” commented another user.

“Oh my GOSH, my heart…,” urged another user.

Some of the TikTokers were as excited about Courtney as she was about her shocking shots.

“No, I just got a fever … Baby fever,” wrote one user.

“I do not want to overreact … But this is the most expensive child I have ever seen in my life,” joked another user.

Although social media may have some drawbacks, such special moments make the internet worthwhile.

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