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The emotional response of this new parent to her daughter’s first laugh is so pleasing.

Sarah Holden (@sarahforwarkholden) is a new parent who shares her 3-month-old daughter’s favorite videos on TikTok.

Recently, Sara shared a touching video of her daughter laughing for the first time, which caused a stir with TikTokers and garnered 25 million views.

In the video, Sara sits in her daughter’s arms. She makes noisy noises, shakes her daughter’s hands, raises her head up and down, trying to amuse the smiling baby. Suddenly a 3-month-old baby does something unexpected. He starts laughing for the first time.

Sarah immediately starts tearing, asking: “Was that a laugh?” Are you kidding? ”

The video ends when the new mother covers her mouth in shock as her daughter continues to laugh happily.

Viewers jumped on the comments to express their satisfaction with the adorable video և sharing how they feel about it.

“My baby laughed in his sleep for the first time these days, և I reacted the same way,” wrote one of the parents.

“It’s so crazy because it’s actually so touching to hear your baby laugh for the first time.” Another TV viewer responded.

“It just melted my heart,” wrote another user.

“Dad here. So sweet and sweet – As if from a small bean to a little man laughing. Then you blink և they drive. Cherish every moment. ” wrote one of the nostalgic parents.

One of the new parents even confessed that he was a little scared when his child first started laughing, writing: “My baby started just like two weeks ago. At first I was scared. The books say they start at 4-6 months, և my baby was only 3 months old, so it scared me. ”

To which Sara answered. “Yes. In this video, he is just shy for 3 months. I think that’s why I did not expect it. I’ve read the same thing you did. “

While babies usually start laughing at 3 or 4 months, all babies develop differently. Some babies start laughing before they are 3 months old, while others start laughing until later.

And remember, you don’t have to stand up for a comedy to make your little one laugh. Experts suggest making funny noises, chirping, and looking like an owl.

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