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Toyota has just pulled back the covers on its new Land Cruiser, but the company’s aftermarket is ready with a package of modules designed to make pedestrians even more terrified.

We are ready to bet that Modellista’s Aero Parts collection will not bring any significant improvement to the car’s aerodynamic stability, which glides in the air, thanks to the full grace of the WWF wrestler who enters Lotus Elise. But it certainly gives Land Crusier a more visual approach, which is the real point.

The set includes a new front spoiler that fits into the bottom of the bumper մեջ into larger wheel moldings with a contrasting finish that really makes them fluffy.

The rear section moves with the new section of the inner bumper, which is now mandatory in the form of a diffuser, a sport double-sided exhaust pipe, and a stainless steel bumper guard. And above all, it’s the kind of double-sided roof spoiler you expect to see on a hot match. The finish is a set of six-ring 21-inch alloy wheels.

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Prices range from ,7 51,700 ($ 473) for unpainted roof spoilers to 1 401,500 ($ 3,674) for the Aero Parts Set A, which includes front and rear bumpers և arches painted to fit.

The interior options of the new Land Cruiser are relatively disappointing, but you can jazz up door panels with metal (or metal effect) decorations, add infrared film to windows, and improve interior lighting with door LEDs. floors տարածք luggage area.

But before you go to your local Toyota dealer, there are a few things to keep in mind. One is that Modellista’s performance on the Land Cruiser theme is far more brilliant, less realistic, than the new GR Land Cruiser, which Toyota believes is the basis for the upcoming attack on the Dakar Rally.

And the other, more important detail is that depending on the location of the world, you may not be able to buy the new Land Cruiser at all. Toyota has withdrawn the model from the US market due to declining sales, although the next Lexus LX will be based on the Land Cruiser, but you will pay extra for that badge.

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