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Olympic gold medalist Bobby Fink visits his seahorse at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

Olympic gold medalist Bobby Fink visits his seahorse at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

Photo by Clearwater Marine Aquarium

The name of Bobby Fink is respected in Olympic swimming pools. He won only two gold medals at the Tokyo Summer Olympics. But now, it is also celebrated in the aquarium waters of his hometown.

Last Friday, someone spotted a seahorse floating in the water, which, feeling the need for help, took it to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, according to the attraction’s website.

The aquarium veterinarian released the air trapped inside the sea horse, causing the little boy to swim. After the procedure, the seahorse still had “swimming problems”, which made it difficult for it to survive in nature. According to Fox News 13, wildlife officials considered him “subject to release.”

Days later, however, what the aquarium thought would be just a seahorse grew rapidly, giving birth to hundreds of seahorses. Before you take the pronoun twice, know that seahorses are one of the few species in which males conceive and give birth.

New house և name for a sea horse

The boy և his potatoes have a new home. The sea urchin is called fried, but the paternal seahorse was still missing. The aquarium called and asked for help to help name the stubborn seahorse.

“There were a lot of big candidates, but incomprehensible It happened, և someone moved from behind to beat everyone. “Meet Bobby’s seahorse, named after Clearwater Olympic hero Bobby Fink, who won two incredible gold medals in swimming,” the CMA website said.

Fink was an Olympic gold medalist, a graduate of Candrist High School, and a graduate of the University of Florida.

The CMA raised $ 1,175 in response to a video about Bobby.

The aquarium posted the other 100 best names on its website, writing that they will be reserved for newborns. Bobby և his potatoes feel good և are under the control of the aquarium staff, reports Fox News Channel 13.

According to veterinarians, hundreds of newborns may be eligible for release, but this will depend on the level of the red tide in the water, Fox News reports.

For now, Bobby և his potatoes will be displayed at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

On Thursday morning, Bobby, the fish, visited his Olympic gold medalist Bobby Finke, the aquarium reported.

“It’s wonderful: It is definitely an honor. I just love all the support that everyone has given me, especially this aquarium. “It means a world to me,” Fink said during the visit. “It’s just an honor to have something in your name.”

Bobby Fink
Olympic gold medalist Bobby Fink visits the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Photo by Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Who is Bobby Fink?

21-year-old Finke, however, looks more like a dolphin than a sea horse.

During the postponed Summer Games in Tokyo earlier this month, Fink won Olympic gold in the men’s 800m freestyle, setting a new US record of 7. 41.87: He won the longest 1500m freestyle (he’s called a mile) in 14:39:65, becoming the first American man to win the race since Mike O’Brien won the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Angeles, Gator Sports reports.

But in both races, Finke’s speed burst pushed him to the lead in the last 50 meters of the race to deliver those victories.

Then Bobby is a seahorse.

According to Ocean Conservancy, seahorses are “terrible swimmers.” They are the slowest moving of all fish species because of their design. A small beach in the middle of their backs is the only way to push them forward. This plate can beat up to 50 times a second back and forth, but there is a lot to consider given its size. There is no possibility of a gold medal there.

For Bobby Fink, the closing of an exciting race that takes place after walking for about 15 minutes in a row is more like a bottled dolphin that can accelerate to 18 miles per hour, according to Ocean Conservancy.

For Bobby the seahorse – no chance at the next Olympics in France.

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