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Racers are bombarded with tips from racial entrepreneurs on how to ensure their little ones are not biased. But none of this is based on common sense, “it is completely dangerous for the long-term development of children.”

It is hard to avoid the impression that the discussion of more and more racially themed LMs has become obsessive, fantasy-like.

In recent weeks, many media outlets have argued that one should be vigilant against the racist attitude of infants. New York Times:asked this question when it contained a long essay by journalist Melinda Wenner Moyer on how to make sure your child is not a racist.

This, of course, is not the first time I have encountered attempts to create moral panic over the dangers posed by “racist infants.” I still remember being shocked when in July 2008 I read an article on BBC News entitled “Kindergarten Warnings for Racist Children”. At the time, the UK-sponsored agency published a report claiming that kindergarten staff should be “Warning against racist expressions among young children.”

The 336-page Young Children’s Racial Justice report states: “Staff must investigate the causes of the apparent racial bias.” Examination revealed that the authors of the report had a rather surrealistic description of the type of racial prejudice in young children. It warned that the child may react negatively to other culinary traditions other than their own, saying: “You” դա added that this may indicate a lack of familiarity with certain foods or “More seriously, a response to food related to people of a particular ethnic or cultural community.”

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I’m not sure which planet the authors of the report came from, but on planet Earth it would be difficult to meet a parent whose toddler “shouted” before refusing food on his plate. Diagnosing the culinary taste of newborns says more about the mental state of the breed industry than the supposed attitude of very young children.

Since the publication of the book “Young Children’s Racial Justice”, a real campaign has been launched aimed at the alleged prejudice of young children.

The construction of a racist infant fantasy suggests that racism is a sin. Whereas in the past enlightened thinkers considered racism to be the result of a relationship between power and social և cultural influences,, today racial industry presents it as a fact of nature. At the heart of this argument is the equation of the infant who notices the differences in people’s appearance, prejudice and racism.

Moyer warns of this «“Even if we do not want it, children notice differences in race and skin color.” There is no doubt that they do, but what? Awareness of difference does not mean prejudice or racism. We hope that children will develop the intellectual resources needed to differentiate between people.

In his essay, Moyer constantly chooses couples with prejudices. «“Racial awareness and prejudice continue to develop in the preschool-grade school years.” he warns.

The main motivation for racist infant panic is the goal of white parents who are dying of guilt. «As a white parent, I feel a deep responsibility to provide my children with the tools and awareness to help rebuild our society for the better. ” writes Moyer in a separate issue of The Washington Post. The implication of this statement is that unless you have brought up your child on a diet of books that are aimed at his or her white supremacy, you are a badly likely irresponsible parent.

In line with the spirit of our times, warnings about racist infants come from research. These days, the term “research shows” is commonly used to argue. So Moyer claims that “Research suggests that we need to confront our baseless assumptions about why racism develops, and then we need to communicate regularly with our children about race, racism, or anti-racism.” That said, white children are more likely to have early signs of racism.

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Another culprit of the race, Sara Ezrin, echoes the mantra of “research shows” when she says on Healthline that “Research shows that it is never too early to teach our children about race.” Ezrin adds. «a 2017 study found that infants from 0 to 3 months can already recognize the racial differences of the face և they recognize the faces of their race more easily. What this study found has little to do with racism. It is quite normal for children to easily recognize the faces of their race. The fact that newborns are more likely to associate with people like them is a natural feature of newborn development. Racializing this answer means emptying racism of any meaning.

The racialization of child rearing is quite bad. However, the worst part is that parents are offered advice. Race entrepreneurs tell mothers and fathers to avoid “color blind education.” By this they mean a child-rearing horse that is not carried away by race.

The project of early childhood racialization is fundamentally irresponsible և dangerous development. In fact, it requires that children be socialized from the beginning of their lives in order to interpret experiences through a racial prism. Accepting the so-called white privilege, սպիտակ presumably, white guilt is the role assigned to white parents. In this way, they would ensure that the tribal industry became the moral arbiter of children’s lives. I can not think of a better way to distort children’s sense of reality.

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