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“Almost all the children we see here in the hospital who are seriously ill are not vaccinated,” he said.

NEW ORLEANS – There is a large increase in the number of infants, children and adolescents who are seriously ill with COVID-19 in the district hospitals.

“It’s hard to see how children suffer, especially out of place, every day in the stomach,” said Dr. Mark Klein, chief physician at LSUHSC Children’s Hospital in Tulan.

The rise in COVID-19 cases we’ve been talking about for weeks is now hitting the youngest in our community.

Young people get sick և need more critical care than the Delta version. And one young patient has already died.

The virus, which we thought was the most dangerous for the elderly, now has new victims.

“Over the last few weeks, we have seen an explosion of COVID here in a hospital. The Delta version of the virus is really a game changer. “It makes children much sicker than they used to be,” he said.

And it happens in the children’s hospital և in Ochs.
Positive tests at Ochsner Health Systems in Louisiana և Mississippi continue to grow steadily. Only one juvenile was hospitalized last week. It is eight o’clock today.

  • Ochsner Health:
    Adolescents 0-19 years old
    July 11 15.5% positive
    July 18 20.8% positive
    July 25 21.8% positive
  • Hospital admissions.
    Last week: 1
    This week: 8:

But the most dramatic rise is in the Children’s Hospital. There were only four young patients in the hospital on Monday. Thursday turned 20. They had seven of the most COVID patients during the entire epidemic. Five of the young people are in the intensive care unit. A family was devastated tonight when their child did not make it.

  • Children’s hospital admission.
    0-17 years old
    Only 4 on Monday
    Only 20 on Thursday
    Previously, a maximum of 7
    5 in the intensive care unit
    One death

“Most of the children we see today were otherwise healthy. “They are just fine one day and sick the next.”

Dr. Klein, a pediatrician and infectious disease specialist, says the suffering is so great.

“Almost all the children we see here in the hospital who are seriously ill are not vaccinated,” he said.

The vaccine is approved for people 12 և older. He is very confident that he will advise it to protect all family members, especially young children who do not yet have the right.

“In order to put an end to this epidemic once and for all, otherwise we will face these flights regularly and for a long time. I mean years or decades, ”said Dr. Klein.

He says that not only young patients and families are suffering from stress, but also the medical staff.

“Not just doctors, but especially nurses who are in bed all day or all night. Many of them are young parents. They have children their own age. ”

He worries that more unvaccinated children and adolescents will soon need hospital beds for infections such as COVID, RSV, the upcoming flu season, even when school starts.

Dr. Klein told the children to see a doctor immediately if they had difficulty breathing, high fever, diarrhea, dehydration, or if they stopped eating or drinking.

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