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A few years later, a family was “broken” after the deaths of their two brothers’ children.

Twins Logan Anthony – John on oppson ոյ Noah James Ames – John on oppson were born in March of this year.

Their cousin, Nova Ops Opson, died on August 30, 2015, just 26 days old.

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Nova’s mother, Kylie Wall, from Southport, told ECHO: ,

“It caused complications, we were told he had a low survival rate, but he overcame the probability and came out.

“She was taken to Alder Hay Children’s Hospital, where she underwent numerous surgeries, including many open heart surgeries.

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“Twenty-six days later he died.”

Less than six years later, the tragedy struck the family again.

Nova’s father, Chris, is a brother to Nathan Opson, whose twin babies were born in March.

The twins’ mother, Amber Jane Ayn Stewart, told ECHO that she now wants to help other parents who are experiencing similar experiences.

He said. “We expected to leave the hospital with our twins and our babies.

“But we could at least leave with memories.”

The family is participating in Aintree Color Run later this month to raise money for two of their favorite charities.

Amber continued. “Thanks to the 4Louis charity, we were able to take our children home with a cold bed և our family could meet them.

“We have candles, souvenirs, a number of artificial items that are identical to the ones they were buried with.”

The family is also donating to Ronald MacDonald House, where Kyle and Chris stayed while Nova spent weeks struggling to make a living.

Kaylee added. “Without them, we would have to travel or find hotels every day. We can’t thank them enough. “

Part of the fundraising page says: “Our family chain is broken, it seems like nothing is the same, but since God is calling us one by one, the chain will be tied again.”

Click here to make a donation


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