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A couple from Derbyshire described their heartache after having ten miscarriages since 2005.

Ad Oliot from Swadlincote had a hard time getting a baby because she and her husband, Martin, got pregnant right after they got married.

The 41-year-old, who always wanted to start a family, left the pills before marrying 40-year-old Martin, with the intention of starting a family as soon as possible.

She found out she was 11 months pregnant, but only two weeks later she had an abortion.

Oe who said. “Even on our first date, I told Martin I wanted children because I thought you would waste my time if you did not want children, but he did.

“It was another eight to ten months before I got pregnant again.

“I was moving a little bit, but I was constantly sick, I could not eat anything, I was out of life, and then the pain started, I lost the child again.

“It lasted for about four years, I had three miscarriages, then the GP said we should send you to the hospital.”

After undergoing a series of tests to find out why she was struggling, she was told that doctors were unable to prevent her from having a miscarriage because she was losing a baby so early during her pregnancy.

Oe who added. “We just kind of gave up because it wouldn’t happen. This past year has really made us reevaluate what we want. Realize that we still want to have children.

“I began to study the causes of recurrent miscarriages, I participated in some experiments that were sent to the American University.”

Couple has had ten miscarriages in 14 years

After testing, Oe found that her natural killer cells, which are responsible for removing viruses like foreign body fragments, had grown, so her husband’s DNA threatened her system.

He added. “When I was about 12 or 16 weeks pregnant, your body still sees it as foreign DNA, not as an embryo that also contains you.

“The killer cells have decided to attack the fetus, that’s why I lost them.”

In order to reduce this, oe who will have to take a mixture of protein և steroids for her body to accept pregnancy.

After 10 miscarriages in the last 14 years, Z ո Martin են is determined to find a solution.

Oe admits that repeated miscarriages have damaged her marriage.

He said. “I do not work because I have depression and other health conditions.

“I do not like groups of people because they find out that you have been married for 15 years, the inevitable question is ‘do you have children?’

“You either lie, you say you do not want children, people look at you as if something is wrong with you, or you tell them the truth, they still look at you the same way.

“Martin was trying to stay strong for me.

“At first we had some unpleasant arguments because I thought he did not care, but he was trying to stay strong.”

Now Z և Martin has launched a fundraising campaign to help fund the treatment he needs.

Because he is over 40 years old, he has not been able to benefit from NHS treatment և requires extensive medical procedures to fight his natural killer cells.

But the couple hopes that this “last chance” treatment can bring them a happy ending, which they have been pursuing.

You can find their fundraising page here.


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