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He was portrayed as a silent filmmaker, sitting gently in a fur coat, stroking the pearls around his neck as he stared indifferently at the screen. She was a disciplined, standing model for the Spanish painter-print Francisco Goya.

In another scene by French painter Anne-Honoré Fragonard, she is dressed in an early modern dress, looking at the viewer as she heads a long-legged lapdog. Lagniappe readers may recognize him as the most intriguing living cat, but for his owner, the In Mathers, “the Tadj is just a pointed cat.”

Mobile Bay’s Cutest Cat’s 2021 Nappie Award winner Tudge came to Mothers as a kitten four years ago after touring his SUV engine cabin from Spring Hill to Prichhard leaving unharmed. շտ Tough.

“Tudj is a cat,” said Matters. “He is a little distracted, he judges, he makes a kind of choice when he wants to caress himself, when he wants to kiss, he likes to sleep and eat. The only exercise he gets is walking in the food bowl and coming back. ”

Mathers grew up with dogs as pets, but after college they became acquainted with cats.

“I had a roommate who had a cat, I fell in love with its low maintenance aspect, the ability to travel, which people do not get,” he said. “So I’ve been a big cat since then.”

Matters said Tudge joined his household when he already had a 21-year-old cat and an 18-year-old cat.

“I can keep cats for a long time. “I feel pretty good about it,” he said.

But now one of Tudge’s favorite pastimes is curling up with his younger sister Willie.

Mathers is a freelance graphic designer inspired by the Nappie Awards campaign to draw his cat on Photoshop for free on various artwork and post it on social media.

“I like vintage photos, works of historical art, I think it’s hysterical when one of them has a cat’s face on it,” he said. “Sometimes I browse the collection here [The Metropolitan Museum of Art] looking for the right one. I did it with all my cats. ”

Tudj appreciates the award, Matters said, even if it is unlikely to express it.

“Tadj has the honor of becoming the recipient of the first year of these cats in Lagniape,” he said. “He campaigned hard. I’m also grateful she won Mobile Bay’s Cutest Cat. “From the moment I told him he was running, he was here, as if he had already won. I could not tell him anything else.”

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