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Seisha Mercado, ex American Idol: Broadway contestant has now taken her two young children away from Florida authorities for the past six months.

Mercado և his partner Taylor Denner, who is single, worked for months to bring back their 15-month-old son Amen, who was taken into custody after the couple thought it was a routine hospital visit.

On Wednesday, Mercado և Denner was driving with their newborn daughter when authorities stopped the couple’s car, insisting on a roadworthiness test, which eventually led to the child being taken away, sparking outrage on social media.

The couple was not warned about the security check, their lawyer was not contacted in advance. The video, which lasted about an hour on a mobile phone, garnered more than 600,000 views and almost 7,000 comments in one day.

“We are currently under arrest by the Manat County Sheriff’s Office,” said Dener, adding that a “no sign” police car was waiting outside their home to pursue the family. “We are surrounded … They warn us to hand over our newborn.”

“Whatever you do, they will just do what they want,” Mercado said.

In the video, Mercado և The Daners sit in their car on the side of the road; He is in the driver’s seat, and he is in the back seat, rocking the baby. They tell officials they want to take the child to the hospital. They repeat that their daughter has just been taken to the doctor, that she is considered perfectly healthy, but officials interview Mercado և Diner: insist that the child be taken to the hospital for their own examination.

The Child Protection Case Management Team had previously tried to conduct a welfare check after learning about the baby, but Mercado և Denner visited them with their lawyer before they could visit. According to the video recording, the agency then received orders signed by a judge to conduct a welfare inquiry to secure the child’s property.

“My child is days old, you are taking my child away from me,” Mercado said in the video. “You do not have a heart. This is so wrong. “

“All that was left was to call the lawyer. We have all the documents, “Mercado continued. “You guys have done so many injuries. You just expect me to go out and be like, okay, guys, you’s my friends. You are not my friends. “

Meanwhile, Mercado continues to fight for the restoration of the care of his son Amen’Ra from the Manatee County Child Protect Services in Florida. The boy was removed from his parents at the age of 13 months when he was taken to hospital as they struggled to get the baby to drink, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported. When Mercado became pregnant with her daughter, it was reported that her breast milk supply had stopped. Եւ Not everyone takes other fluids.

But officials accused the couple of malnutrition and turned Amen’Ra into foster care. Critics of the decision say Sally Smith, a pediatrician at All Hons Hopkins Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg who examined Amen, was tested for being too quick to diagnose child abuse.

BuzzFeed News turned to Mercado, his lawyer, as well as Manatee County Child Protect Services for comment.

Mercado’s situation sparked a wave of protests on social media, with many pointing to his race as a huge factor.

Dana Susman, deputy executive director of the National Advocates for Pregnant Women, says many attorneys refer to the CPS as a “family police system” that monopoly families can be monitored from the maternity ward until a pediatrician is appointed.

“This system is rooted in the history of the reproduction of slavery in our country, in the mothers of slaves, in the families of slaves,” said Susman. “It is rooted in the belief that they can judge who և when people can become parents … և it is inextricably linked to racist systems of police, violence and poverty.”

He said Mercado’s video of him losing his child was “incredibly misleading” and revealed an invisible system that blamed black families. He added that usually when a child is taken in CPS, the family often becomes a “flag bearer” in the agency system, sometimes for years.

“If that mother gets pregnant again, the fetus, in fact, is already in the system, which should be evaluated, the family should be examined,” said Susman. “It simply came to our notice then. Continuing [Mercado’s] family They have already gone through so much … This is another traumatic interaction with the system. ”

The video, in which Mercado և Dener loses his daughter, also caused a stir on social media from parents և supporters.

“They also took their beautiful baby from them without contacting a lawyer, no warning, nothing,” said Bekah Martinez, a former Bachelor The contestant, a parent of two, shared her story on Instagram. “Ambushed, their child stolen … The system has failed them.”

Martinez posted a copy of the email to local Florida officials.

Another parent, En Tamas, was also shared on Instagram, where she frequently posted about breastfeeding.

“I need you to get together with me, I need us to get together, I need to support it, I need us to change something today,” Tamas called on his more than 100,000 followers. :

He said Tamas had grown up in a foster care system and had recently sued the state of Washington for negligence in their care.

“The state is constantly making mistakes,” he added. “My lawsuit is neither the first nor the last … There is a lot of evidence that these children were not only safe, loved, well-groomed, but extremely well-groomed.”

Tamas went on to explain that since Mercado և Denner already has one child in CPS custody, the agency searched them for a welfare check.

“They were probably scared,” Tamas said, adding that unlike when Amen Ran was taken, this time the couple had some “tools” – a lawyer who could defend their rights.

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