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When Mexican actress Lynn May announced on Sunday that she was pregnant at the age of 68, it is fair to say that there were as many questions from fans as congratulatory messages.

Through Instagram, May posted a series of photos in which he is in the arms of a fresh face, written in Spanish. “Dad.”

However, in an interview Newsweek:, 29-year-old singer Marcos D1, whom he called the father of his child, admitted that he was as confused as everyone when he was informed about the post on the star’s home page on social media.

Marcos, whose real name is Marcos Hernandez, says that not only was he unaware of his mother’s alleged pregnancy, but that the baby had to conceive naturally during a drunken night in Mexico three months ago. և The last time they spoke.

“We have never had a real relationship,” he says Newsweek: from his home in Southern California. “It was kind of exciting for me because I went to the Pepsi Center in Mexico for an event we were invited to three months ago. We drank, I drank so much that I do not even know what happened that night. It was just crazy.

“And then he never told me anything. I was just getting it [messages] “On my Instagram, ‘I’m happy to be a father,’ it just drove me crazy.”

Marcos responded to May’s post by sharing his picture with the Ficheras movie star, along with the hashtag “# 2019”. He is actually two years old when he cleverly informs his Instagram followers.

“I met Lin May in 2019, when I was going on tour in Mexico, I invited him there [be in] one of my videos called Boracho –which is Drunk English. In the video, we are getting married, so it was a huge scandal. “People thought we were getting married in real life.”

“A lot of the pictures he posted are old paintings when we went to the red carpet [event] In 2019, “he says, adding.[After] Throughout the video, people thought we were really coming out.

“But in all my interviews I have said, ‘No, we are not in a relationship. We are good friends. ” Lynn May is obviously symbolic. She has a beautiful body for her age. I’m a fan էի I was very happy that he accepted to be featured in my video. This is where our relationship started, but everything is a video. “

Noting the increase of negative comments on social networks in recent days, Marcos says: “The thing is that people do not know the real story, so people really think. “She is with him for the money.” “People do not know that there is no relationship.”

“I was so drunk, to be honest”

While Marcos admires Newsweek: Regarding May’s appearance և achievements, he admits that having an intimate relationship with the woman he describes as a “Mexican lion” was something he had not thought about before their fateful night together, although he has difficulty remembering the details.

“We went to the TV show and then to the red carpet [event]So I just drank there, they brought me more drinks, more drinks. And then at midnight he told me he could take her for a walk or we could catch Uber together.

“But he does not live in Mexico, he actually lives there [outskirts] Mexico City. So he asked if he could stay with me, and I said, “I have two beds.” And when we were there, I was so drunk, to be honest, I don’t even know what happened that night.

“When I woke up in the morning, he was in his bed and I was in my bed. “We just had breakfast, he’s got his Uber, we haven’t talked since.”

Lane May արկ Marcos D1
The 68-year-old Mexican actress Lynn May has announced that she is pregnant with the child of singer Marcos D1. In an interview with Newsweek, Marcos revealed that he was blinded by that statement.
Victor Chavez / Getty Images; / Lin May / Instagram:

Because the Red Bulls’ excessive vodka absorption left something empty in his memory, Marcos, who says he is not a drinker, woke up the next morning feeling like a sheep.

“I was just kind of embarrassed the next morning because when you are drunk you know nothing,” he says. Newsweek:. “You wake up, you just say, ‘My God, I’m drunk. What did I do last night? ”

“I did not say anything to anyone, I do not think he ever said that to anyone. That’s why it was kind of shocking to see that post. “

“If she is pregnant, it is literally like a miracle”

Of course, there is the not-so-small age of 68-year-old May, which is widely regarded as beyond the realm of the natural notion.

Given that no in vitro fertilization will occur, does Marcos really believe that May is pregnant? Meanwhile, it “crossed [his] “Well, to be honest, we really do not understand … a woman’s body և how it all works,” he says. I have seen people say that it is impossible for her to have a child. But if she’s pregnant, it’s literally a miracle. “

Marcos, referring to the accusations of being a complete falsifier throughout the history, adds: “

Marcos, who tells Newsweek: The fact that he and May met other people during the ordeal struggled to keep in touch with the actress until her childhood news spread.

“I think everyone called him, so I can not contact him,” he said. “His phone is off, so I can not [speak to her]…

“It simply came to our notice then [in a message], ‘What’s New? “Oh, just call me when you get a chance, when you’re free, or when the phone is on, or when you’re calmer.” Just to communicate, because when the news spread, I’m sure he was [inundated with calls]so I would like to give him some time to tell me what he’s doing. ”

The 54-year-old Mexican-born mother, Teresa, is a decade and a half younger, but Marcos admits that his only real complaint was learning the news while watching TV, not his son.

“Because there is no information, my mother was upset, but then said, ‘I’m going to be a grandmother, I’m excited … let’s take the baby to our house. We will do everything we can to hug. ” “Help you,” says Marcos, who says he is “excited” about the prospect of fatherhood.

“I do not think he will want to remarry”

Despite repeating his admiration for May several times during the interview with him Newsweek:Մ Marcos claims that they could only be friends when, և excludes marriage.

“He has been married seven times,” she says with a laugh. “I do not think he would like to remarry. And there have been so many stories about when she dug her husband out of the grave. He has a lot of history. “

Indeed, May sincerely discussed her struggle to overcome the loss of Antonio Chi-Xuo, whom she had been married to from 1989 until her death in 2008.

During the interview The Minute Which Cambia Destination: (The moment that changed my destinyIn January, sharing on YouTube, Maine said: “We fought every day because I would not let him go.”

“His life is really interesting,” says Marcos Newsweek: Discussing that particular chapter in May’s life. “He is an individual.”

Going back to the present, Marcos says he has been pinning his hopes since May to be able to confirm whether he is expecting a baby with her.

Looking for reasons why May would not discuss his news with the world before announcing it to him, Marcos admits that he “has no idea.”

He thinks. I have no idea what happened to him. “

Mark D1:
Markos D1 tells Newsweek that he has not spoken to May yet, as he announced the pregnancy on Instagram over the weekend.
Marcos D1 / Instagram:

After all, Marcos wants to be there in May և the baby, if he really gets pregnant, և says he hopes they will give birth to their baby in California, where he grew up և continues to live.

“If she had a baby, I think I would be more comfortable having her here in a hospital where she is cared for more,” she said. “It simply came to our notice then. And I think he needed special care for that. Having a child is not just for a young person. “Especially if I am a father, it will be easier for me to be there.”

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