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Whack Pack – Surprise is not possible if you read this column for 40 years that I cover a lot of road races, because if at 7 in the morning. On the 30th, 200 athletes rob the streets, I catch them with my camera, I’m getting ready. Be there. I always stick to the end of the race, realizing that if someone is tough enough to challenge themselves հեռավոր over time հեռավոր, then I’re so tough sitting in my blue chair waiting for them. And the types of stories vary depending on the box in which the runner competes. I specialize in bodyguards because they just have more to do with my personal lifestyle. June 27 at Dewey Outlet Liquors 5K Darian Soruri, 25 was the first at 16:21, and his girlfriend Holly Manning 24 was the first woman at 18:52. The Uygh won Jungle Jim’s 5K the day before. They ran together to Stone Brooke, and Holly is from New landland և back there, և “no fake” Daria goes with her. From Daniel Danilov, 14, Moosic, Pa., Was third overall at 16:33. From Lacey Danilov, 15, his sister, was the second wife of 20:21 overall. Their parents Եֆֆ: (21:57) և: Chris (22:35) were also in the race. And when? Sean Maysner now living in Colorado, being called up to his second prize in the 45-49 age group, he was shocked when the winner of the age group Bill McNarry It was announced in the capital of Bethesda because they were cross-teammates in high school.

Toddlers և topplers – A couple of kids offered to take my blue chair on Sunday morning. I guess I’m like a child. People always offer me water, maybe a banana or an Italian soul who hit a slice of pizza. Little Hallard (the name of his registered race), 56, graduated from Outlet Liquors 5K. I went in with him և he offered to take my chair. It was the most luxurious offer, as a woman in the oxygen of a lacrosse tournament made the same offer. Sunday morning at Legends Stadium after a sweet baby’s lacrosse game through visible heat waves Ames, my 8-year-old grandson, appeared behind me և asked. “Fredman, can I take your chair for you?” Psychologists call it learned helplessness, and I’m a quick learner. My beating nice people compensate for the shouting that drives the shouters.

Ding Ding Ding Ding – Cape Wrestling Championship Wrestling Team Ring Ceremony և Fundraising Tuesday, June 29, 5-7pm at Fish On, outside of Lucy. It costs $ 10 to honor the first Cape Wrestling Championship in history. Note: Until 1993, wrestling state champions were determined by the number of points a team earned during an individual tournament. Tournaments on that scale were contested from 1957 to 1992. 2021 The season brought back the time: Cape dominated as the D1 champion and Caravel won the D2 title. Most NCAA wrestling conferences declare doubles champions, which is clearly different from the NCAA National Champion.

Pay to play – I heard the lament. “I’m just worried we’re becoming a paid gaming sports community.” There is no “becoming” about it. The system has been in operation since the establishment of summer sports camps and is now being blown up by the explosion of traveling sportsmen who will be staying here. Long time passed when the college coach visited the high school to watch the athlete play. It’s now a travel network of videos as part of a collection toolkit. You can be a great player և just a few breaths. The system is currently lagging behind as additional years have been allocated to athletes excluded from COVID. Grandmother Rose. “Shoot for the stars, but do not be disturbed by your accursed thought.”

Excerpts – “What a long, strange journey.” The road to the college world series final now has Vanderbilt vs. Mississippi. Why watch if you do not care who wins? I like the state of Mississippi, which is strange because I’re a child of the East Coast Liberal elite. In fact, I’m a blue-collar boy. My grandfather was fired from his second job as a ghost in a Democratic Democratic ward when he called him sick. Remember that outdoor gyms are not required. You do not need to be present, but just make sure you are in good shape, if you are not. And if not here’s a new product just for you!


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