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St. This year, for the first time, the Joseph Pregnancy Resource Clinic is partnering with Newborn Cycling.

Cycling for babies started in 2009 when two friends decided to raise awareness among women և families who are having an unexpected pregnancy. Volunteers from all over the country are now riding bicycles to help raise funds for pregnancy centers and clinics.

Erin Spranger, a local volunteer, is a missionary անդամ baby support staff member this year. Sprenger said there are four different routes that end for a celebration in St. Louis.

“I’m on a western route, թիմ my team starts in Holly, Colorado … և we drive about 100 miles a day,” said Spranger.

Sprenger said each team has about a dozen missionaries, both cavalry and support staff. The northern route starts from Green Bay, Wisconsin; Eastern team to start in Columbus, Ohio; and the southern team will start in Natchez, Mississippi.

The teams will ride a bicycle to St. Louis for a week and will meet on July 17.

“This year, Cycling for Children, as an organization, aims to raise $ 225,000 for pregnancy resource centers across the country. “Each missionary has their own fundraising goal, and mine is $ 5,000,” Sprenger said.

Sprenger said that if they reach their goal this year, the organization will exceed $ 1 million in 12 years.

Donations are collected, distributed equally to all participating pregnancy resource centers and clinics, Sprenger said.

Upon learning of the organization, Sprenger reached out to St. Joseph’s PR and encouraged them to apply for cooperation.

“When we were received, I thought, ‘This can be a wonderful thing.’ And that’s what I want to emphasize, it’s really part of the partnership, “said Libby Owens, CEO of St. Joseph Joseph CHC. “At any given moment we can come together, encourage each other, support each other with missions and deeds for us, it is a really big job.”

Owens said getting involved in the new organization is refreshing.

“Sometimes, in our work, it can feel lonely, or you just feel like you’re asking the same people,” Owens said.

Owens said he hopes to see the band tour either Kansas or Missouri to show their support for the cyclists.

According to the Biking for Newborns website, the organization has supported 65 pregnancy resource centers, 133 adults have completed the national tour, and to date have traveled 25,000 miles across the country.

Owens said the proceeds will go to the clinic.

“Everything we get right now through the fall fundraiser will go to our clinic. “It’s really where we spend most of our money so we can make appointments for women without a crisis pregnancy,” Owens said.

Owens noted that St. Joseph’s CHC has helped more than 250 women, and about 34 children have been born this year.

“Exciting, it is possible for cycling to be our partner for children. Helping a woman is simply unbelievable. That’s a lot for us, “Owens said.



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