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Pregnant women are uniquely vulnerable to exposure to microscopic smoke due to forest fires and should stay indoors on smoking days if possible.

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Summer in Western Canada now has a subtitle. Wildfire season.


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With more than 300 fires raging across the region, the Canadian environment says hot, dry conditions continue in the center, south in the 6th century BC. those who have an immune deficiency or have health conditions to exercise caution սահմանափ to limit outdoor activities if breathing becomes uncomfortable or the person feels worse.

“Pregnant women are particularly vulnerable, in addition to other groups, such as the young and the very elderly,” said Dr. Wi-Xian Chan, MD of the Women’s Hospital. “Studies show that pregnancy has an impact, including on younger children, in addition to the stress of a forest fire where they live.”


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Chan said it was difficult to conduct controlled studies on the effects of smoke on pregnant women because it was not safe for pregnant women to smoke, but studies on pregnant women exposed to forest fires in California showed that “smoke particles penetrate the lungs to some extent.” և can have a systemic effect on the body,: the effect is insignificant.

Chan advises pregnant women to “minimize the effects of smoke, try not to leave the house if possible, have an air filter, and if you do not have to be outside, use a properly placed mask.”

He added that women with asthma-related lung problems should always keep their medications close, should not hesitate to use their inhalers or seek medical help if they have shortness of breath or weakness. He said moisturizing is also possible.


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An article in the International Environmental Survey says that maternal exposure to fire in late pregnancy is associated with low birth weight and premature birth, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. who suffer from chronic heart or lung disease, including burning eyes or nose.

Anyone concerned about air quality can monitor the daily air quality index Environment / air-land-water / air / air-quality / air-advisories

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