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CHELMSFORD. Wilderness restoration Jane’s Newhouse’s anger and sadness flared up on both fronts.

First, someone set up a forest trap on the Chelmsford-Lowell line. Such traps are illegal in Massachusetts.

Second, the poor man whose foot was smashed into a trap was a rude, nursing mother separated from her infants.

“I’m not sure what upset me the most … the fact that someone set an illegal trap that broke her leg or that she was a clearly breastfeeding mother. “- said Newhouse, the founder. By Newhouse Wildlife Rescue.

The Rescue Service is a wildlife rehabilitation facility operated by volunteers to provide a high level of free care for injured or orphaned local animals. Newhouse has six years of experience as a veterinary technician and seven years of experience in wildlife restoration. He moved from Georgia to Chelmsford and is licensed with the state to restore wildlife.

A resident called to say he had seen a wounded skunk struggling from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. Animal control could not get out of the trap. It was old, rusty, and the mother, the throat, showed severe open wounds.

According to Newhouse, police are now accused of setting up several illegal traps in their backyard.

Skunks are great for the environment because they “help get rid of garden pests, including mice, lice, beetles, various insects, snakes and crickets.” Skunks are also garbage collectors, which helps keep our ecosystem free of corpses. “They are insanely adorable, too,” Newhouse said.

The next task after finding the injured mother was to find her newborns. Newhouse could see that he was producing milk. Releasing him with serious injuries to his leg would be a death sentence.

“Traps are not only cruel, they are illegal. “Please share any knowledge that is used today,” Newhouse said.

For days they searched without luck, feeling frustrated when an orphaned child came to them and introduced them.

“The mother quickly approached the child, gently put her mouth, brought him closer, then put his body to protect him from the people watching him. “She was a mother without her babies, and she was a child without her mother,” Newhouse said.

A few days later, Lowell Animal Control staff found the babies. They were dehydrated, shocked, but as soon as they arrived, they stabilized and met their mother in the morning. She takes great care of her six newborns and two adoptive parents.

“All the babies passed the exams this morning, they are all doing great. “Mom gets the best care so she can be as healthy as possible for all the little lives that now depend on her,” Newhouse said.

Animals are not just given shelter to recover, they have daily veterinary visits, custom-made cages, high-quality food, and special training to give them the skills they need to return to nature. The animals they release are treated for any parasites, vaccinated to protect them from people they may encounter during their travels.

Newhouse said he does not usually take many Scandinavians home because he does not want to disturb his family with the smell, but he said he has more understanding neighbors.

Box juniper from Boxford found out about saving speed. After reading on social media, he reached out to The Sun.

“Places like Newhouse (Wildlife Rescue) have an almost Herculean task of rescuing wildlife from damage caused by people who do not understand how to live with the natural world around them. Sometimes it is due to carelessness, such as speeding up a rural road, hitting a turtle trying to cross the road. “Sometimes it’s out of ignorance, like rodents killing mice and wolves digging in their gardens without realizing they’re killing owl-eating owls and foxes,” says Estabrooks.

“And unfortunately, as we saw with this beautiful furry mother who was trapped illegally, it is even out of simple cruelty. Whatever the reason, I am grateful to Newhouse այլ for other wildlife centers, as well as for all their work. ”

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