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Sean Johnson Onson East tells more details about being a mother of two, revealing a hint about her future. Olympic gold medalist’s “longtime NFL” husband Andrew Isette greeted his son, et’s James Ames (they are the parents of daughter Drew Hazel, almost 2 years old) last month, as they share the sweetest moments of their lives. with fans while enjoying a very valuable time of private communication. But Johnson Onson East used social media, invited fans to ask for updates, and he did not lag behind. In fact, he shared their family of four can be complete!

Sean Johnson Onson East

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Exclusive. The first 2 weeks of Sean Johnson onsont Ar’s 2 baby’s are all about cuddling on the couch at the Olympics.

“I have been to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, yes, I have 10 minutes. What updates do you want? ”He said in an interview with Instagram Stories. Ans It is not uncommon for fans to react quickly by asking about everything from giving birth to how Drew likes his little brother to breastfeeding.

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Sincerely, Sean Johnson Onson East / Instagram.

But that was his completely honest “long” answer to the question, “How do you feel? How are you?” It really made us pay attention, because while the new mother obviously feels the happiness of some baby, she is also completely open about difficult things, մեջ in her openness she discovered with a laugh that two children can be enough.

“I like all these questions because I feel that you boys are mothers,” she said, adding: I definitely have all my ups and downs. There are so many hormones, so many changes … I have had my crying hysterical persecutions just because I was depressed. And it is a feeling of isolation to be a new mother, especially a nurse, because you are so far away, you are trying to go out with a child, to show love to both of you, you are still trying to feel like a woman, not just a mother, to prioritize your relationship : with your husband … ‘There really is a lot, և Johnson onson East just nailed it.

But he continued. “Եմ I do well, I do very well. I feel like I’m doing better than I was doing with Drew, just managing it all, but there are definitely tough days. But, I will say that et et is amazing, սիրում I like to have two children. I feel that I am can end having children – right now, just at this stage, but it ‘s really going well, և in general, we’re making progress. ”

Baby Jett is barely one month old, so we should not be surprised to hear that Johnson Onson East is no longer thinking about adding to his family again. And he? did say with a laugh. We can not say that we would go crazy for another Eastern child, but for now we just love these four views represented by the four members of the Eastern family.

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