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Scorpio in the UV light

Photo by Alex Stemmer / DepositPhotos

The scorpions did not look cool enough, did you know that they actually glow in the UV light? Insect artist Sarah Folts, also known as The Butterfly Babe, recently posted some incredible videos that show how brilliant these arachnids are. In the short video, the mother scorpion և her children are exposed to ultraviolet light. The results are incredible.

The outer shell of the mother turns into a turquoise of daylight when the light shines on it. Newborns, on the other hand, get a purple hue. So what is the reason for this magical phenomenon? Scorpios have a cuticle, which is the flexible part of their outer skeleton. A part of the scorpion cuticle is a thin layer called hyaline layerThis layer reacts with black light or moonlight to give a fantastic glow.

And we are not talking about a faint glow, but about something big and bold. The hyaline layer is so strong that even fossil scorpions shine under the influence of ultraviolet light. Scientists have found that scorpion samples stored in the liquid will cause the liquid to shine. Interestingly, researchers are still trying to understand why scorpions have this ability. Although there is no direct answer as to why scorpions can glow, there are several different theories that have been developed by researchers.

Among the theories supporting the study is the idea that daylight seems to help scorpions detect and avoid UV light. In fact, a 2012 study found that scorpions detect light throughout their body, not just their eyes. Because scorpions are nocturnal, understanding whether there is light or not allows them to know when they can go out and feed.

Another fascinating aspect of the scorpion mystery is that the glow intensifies as the cuticles harden. Thus, the scorpions do not bite so much immediately after thawing. And similarly, the babies in the video still have a soft cuticle that makes up the color difference.

Whatever the exact reason for their brilliance, it certainly helps scientists get out of the field. By scattering the light, researchers can easily spot scorpions in the evening when they are most active.

See how this mother scorpion և her babies glow in the UV light.

hours / t. [PetaPixel, Laughing Squid]

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