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Ray Kisonas

We sat at the table for breakfast, waiting for our friend to come and stay with our eldest son, who was very young.

I remember July was a hot summer day հ one of those mornings when my wife and I talked about ordinary things. Then the calm broke from the squeak of the tires, when the car stopped at the bus stop, the car door closed tightly.

Seconds later, the front door opened, and our friend, his hair untroubled and looking panicked in his face, burst into the kitchen shouting something about how he got there as soon as possible. . “O MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

We calmly replied that we had breakfast.

Our friend’s concern was understandable. He had no children, so he felt that when a pregnant woman began to shrink, she should be rushed to the hospital, otherwise the baby would be born right there on the kitchen floor. But this was our second rodeo. And the contractions were far apart. I mean, my wife, we had a long way to go.

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