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Only five children have been born since the birth of the incumbent Prime Minister, and a sixth is now expected this Christmas.

The Boris երի Carrie Johnson onson revealed her second pregnancy on Downing Street, and Ms Johnson onson said she felt “an incredible blessing to be pregnant again” but she was “like a nerve-wracking” after a miscarriage earlier this year.

Three of the five children born to parents living in No. 10 have grown in the last 21 years, and none at all were born in the 20th century.

# 5 – Wilfred Lowry Nicholas Johnson Onson, born April 2020

Boris Johnson Onson, his wife Carrie Johnson Onson, their child Wilfred
Boris Johnson Onson, his wife Carrie Johnson Onson և their son Wilfred

Wilfred Johnson Onson was born nine months after his father, Boris Johnson Onson, became prime minister, just weeks after his father was released from hospital after being admitted for COVID-19.

At the time, Ms. Johnson Onson was using Instagram announce the name of his firstborn, Wilfred Lowry Nicholas Johnson Onson – Nicholas, who was chosen by the mark of the two doctors who saved the life of the Prime Minister.

The baby was named after the prime minister’s grandfather, Wilfred, and his maternal grandfather, Lowry, and after two doctors, Dr. Nick Price and Professor Nick Hart, who treated him in the intensive care unit.

Kerry և Wilfred Johnson Onson with Ill's Biden in Carbis Bay, Cornwall.  Photo by Flickr / Simon Dawson / No 10 Downing Street
Kerry և Wilfred Johnson Onson with Ill’s Biden in Carbis Bay, Cornwall. Photo by Flickr / Simon Dawson / No 10 Downing Street

He was the first child on Downing Street to be the first in a parent relationship. Although Mr. Johnson Onson has children from previous relationships, such as the first prime minister to have a child during his tenure, Wilfred is the first with Mrs. Johnson Onson.

All the other prime ministers had wives before having children before living on Downing Street.

Which prime minister had the most children?

Although Mr. Johnson Onson has children from previous relationships, he does not have as many people as Charles Gray, the second count of Gray (tea of ​​the same name), who became the father of 17 children before becoming prime minister from 1830-1834. One was considered “illegitimate”. by the laws of time.

Wilfred is the first child born to an unmarried prime minister. Boris Johnson Onson, 57, married a 33-year-old woman in a small ceremony at Westminster Cathedral a little over a year after Wilfred was born.

# 4 – Florence Rose Endellion Cameron, born August 2010

Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha and their daughter Florence Rose Endellion Cameron at 10 Downing Street in central London after returning to London after a summer vacation.
Florence’s third name, Endelion, comes from the village of Cornish near her birthplace.

Florence Cameron was born just three months after her father, David Cameron, became prime minister.

She was the first daughter born to Downing Street, the fourth child of her parents.

His third name, Endelio, came from the village of Cornish, where he was born while the family was on vacation.

David Cameron, like Tony Blair, is one of the youngest people to ever be prime minister.

# 3 – Lion George Lor Blair, born May 2000

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair is kissing his youngest son, Leo, in front of his official residence at 10 Downing Street in London, after winning the general election and the second historic defeat of the Labor Party.
Tony Blair kisses his youngest son, Leo

Leo Blair was born three years after his father became Prime Minister Tony Blair.

He was the first child of a prime minister since the 1800s and the fourth child of Tony երի Sherry Blair.

He was named after his paternal grandfather, Leo.

Did you run to become Prime Minister?

The sons of the two prime ministers themselves became prime ministers.

William Pitt, Earl of Chatham 1, was Prime Minister from 1766 to 1768. His son, known as William Pitt Jr. for obvious reasons, was prime minister from 1804 to 1806.

George’s Grenville was prime minister from 1763-1765, and his son William Grenville served from 1806 to 1807.

According to contemporary reports, his birth immediately prompted the prime minister.

The Labor Party will later win the 2001 election with a 167-seat majority, the second largest (since Blair won in 1997) after the end of World War II.

# 2 – Francis Albert Rolo Russell, born July 1849

John von Russell was Prime Minister from 1846-1852 և 1865-1866
John von Russell was Prime Minister from 1846-1852 և 1865-1866

Francis Russell was born on July 11, 1849, into the family of members of the Whig Party, then-Prime Minister John von Russell, 1st Count Russell.

He was the second child born to his father during his tenure, the third child in his father’s second marriage.

He was a meteorologist and science writer, whose main inspiration was his nephew, the mathematician-philosopher Bertrand Russell.

# 1 – George son of Ilbert William Russell, born April 1848

George’s Russell was born in 1848. He was born on April 14, when he was born to Prime Minister John von Russell and his father’s second wife, Francis Russell.

Previously, the couple previously had one son before Mr. Russell was elected.

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