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CATHOLIC doctor Tim Coyle is silent for a moment and then regains his composure as he recalls the moment when he witnessed a crowd of twins during the abortion procedure.

It was 1974, when he and his wife, Ann, were working for the UK National Health Service, and that experience still haunts him.

“Anne worked in a private ward, so I called her one day to see her,” said Dr. Coyle, president of the Cherish Life branch at Cherish Life.

He said a woman was having an abortion and twins were born during the procedure.

“They were alive, two small children watching from a kidney bowl. They were hitting us. “Terrible,” he said.

Opponents of abortion: Dr. Tim Coyle and his wife, Anne.

Dr Coyle understands that children were not allowed to live after the procedure, describing the UK health service at the time as “the largest abortion clinic in Europe”.

Coal-based abortion comes after a bill introduced in the federal parliament by Queensland MP George Vor Christensen yesterday aimed to protect the lives of children born to abortions by providing them with appropriate treatment and care.

Bill 2021 on human rights (children born to live protection) can now be debated or voted on if the Government or an absolute majority of 76 deputies are in favor of it.

“This bill corrects the fact that Australia is violating two international treaties that it has signed. “The Convention on the Rights of the Child միջազգային The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights recognizing the right to life փրկ the right to life-saving health care,” said Mr Christensen.

Apparently, Mr. Christensen’s bill not only has a strong legal position, but can also have popular support among Australian voters.

Nationals MP George Vor Christensen
Life protection. George W. Christensen, Member of the National Assembly, addresses the Mars for Life rally in Brisbane. Photo by Alan Edcombe.

Cherish Life has just commissioned a national survey that found that the majority of respondents believe that babies born alive during an abortion procedure should receive life-saving medical care.

The survey was conducted last month by YouGov using a sample of 1506 Australians.

Termination of pregnancy is allowed in all Australian states և in different circumstances, after 20 weeks of pregnancy, the so-called “late abortion”.

The survey showed that 56% of respondents supported the care of children born during a “late abortion”.

Only 18% of the recipients said that children born in these conditions should be allowed to die.

Another 26 percent said they did not know.

There were 203 live births in Queensland between 2005 and 2015 after abortion.

Christensen’s bill will invoke the Convention on the Rights of the Child as a basis for using federal constitutional power to dominate states.

Cherish Life is also finalizing the March for Life march in Brisbane on August 28. Details can be found here.

The rally and march are aimed at highlighting the public outcry against the Queensland government’s voluntary death bill, which will be debated in the state legislature next month.

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