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Calcutta. Some pregnant women in the city have been vaccinated to beat Covid-19.
Several pregnant women became infected during the epidemic. While some were lucky enough to return home after staying in the hospital, others had to endure the loss of their baby. Some of them also became infected.
“I’ve seen how difficult it is to manage pregnant women infected with Covid-19. “I’m worried about my unborn baby, so I did not miss a single day when my doctor Priya Ray told me to take Covid,” said Naob, a nurse at Mukundapur Hospital in AMRI, Khatrima. Seven-month-old Naobi took her first coaxial stroke a few days ago at the RN Tagore International Heart Science Institute, where her husband works as a Catholic laboratory assistant.
“When the threat of the third wave was high, we could not take the risk. I’m convinced of the benefits of the vaccine. “I took my first injury at Peerless Hospital so I would not regret it later,” said Priyanka Halder, a Tollygunge resident who is six-thirty a week. Her husband, Somnath, took the tannery with her the same day to surround her.
Shopsini Roy, a resident of Topsia, took her first Kovishilda dose in the first week of July without knowing she was pregnant.
“My wife will inevitably take the second dose because our doctor, Basab Mukherjee, advised us about the benefits,” said husband Arigit Roy.
The Ministry of Health of the Union approved the vaccination of pregnant women in the first week of July. Many still have two thoughts on this issue.
“Covid-19 infection can cause a rapid deterioration in a pregnant woman. It can also affect the fetus. “A woman can get vaccines during any trimester of pregnancy,” said S. Shanta Kumari, National President of FOGSI (Federation of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of India). FOGSI has been instrumental in persuading the government to bring expectant mothers into the vaccination program.
“Pregnant women seem to be hesitant about the vaccine. But we are trying to convince them of the possibility of getting the vaccine, ”said Basab Mukherjee, a Calcutta-based gynecologist who specializes in FOGSI.
Even as the state plans to launch a special vaccination campaign for pregnant women, some have begun flocking to private CVCs. “After taking all precautions, we vaccinate pregnant women according to the latest GOI guidelines,” said Anupam Das, senior manager at Peerless Hospital.


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