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In Northern Ireland, a play expert advises parents to “get it back to basics” – not to worry about buying bright toys or accessories for their babies.

Agatha Young, who runs Simply Grow Education in Bangor, says parents do not need all the expensive gadgets they advertise.

Speaking in the “Are you a parent” window, “Is this normal?”, Both say that his first piece of advice is “less is more”.

“So focus on less, do not go to the street, buy all the bright toys, less is more, look around the house for everything you have first,” he said.

“I remember this video I made when my firstborn Amy, she is now almost five years old, she was five days old, my husband took a small crunchy toy, he wanted to play with her, but obviously the five-day-old baby is not so does not respond much

“Take everything, you do not need the devices that press the buttons here from the stores, what you need, especially during the first few days, weeks or months, is what you can find around the house.

“Think of your baby as this brand new visitor to the world; try to really slow down with them; show the world around them before you present anything you are not familiar with. Show them the world you know.

“They are this visitor who comes, you want to take the best care of them.”

Agatha compared this to an adult who was visiting Paris for the first time, you want to slow down, take everything.

“Imagine seeing Paris from a really fast car, get in the car, turn around a few times, and that’s it,” he said.

“You definitely would not appreciate it so much that it is the same, think about it with our babies, we want our children to really look at everything, all the things we think about every day, և we see every day, our children never seen before. All the things we touch և smell, hear, they never happened.

“Get rid of it all; take your children on a journey through your world.” Let them touch the wall, see the shadow of the ceiling, see the blind և how the light plays with the blind. Really keep everything, especially in the beginning, just put yourself in the place of that little baby who is 9 months inside, և for the first few months they are still really adjusting to the outside reality.

“It’s a little more, slow down, get to know your child. Every child is different. You can buy all your parents’ books in advance և try to prepare for this big event, you can watch all the shows in the world, but in reality nothing can prepare you because your child is as unique as you are.

“Having your child at home is about building a relationship, just like you did with your partner, your parents, your siblings, your friends, it’s the same with your child. He is a unique person that you know, so see what your child likes ում knows your child. ”

When it comes to things around the house that you can use to play with your child, Agatha said that a comfortable rug is important because you will spend a lot of time on the floor.

Abdominal blisters were also high on her list, as were IKEA plastic bags for crutches. Agata put things like foil, pasta, and other textures in your bags for your child to explore.

Agata is also a big fan of using surface plastic trays as a base for your child to explore different objects.

“During the first few months, your baby will really act mainly on his vision, hearing, touch, so they will not be able to physically play with different toys, so do not really worry, get to know your baby. Once they start grabbing things, then you can “I invested in things like a simple shock,” he said.

“Saying that you can make a small plastic bottle, put rice or pasta in it, make sure it shakes, makes a fun sound, make sure it is closed properly, that’s what you did.

“Look around the house, your child did not see a bottle, a wooden spoon, they did not see a soft pillow, so use everything in the house, do not stress about going out and spending. luck. “

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