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Premature babies or children with health problems are rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), where assistive heating devices may be needed to regulate their temperature. Researchers at the University of Houston Nursing College report that the traditional use of cloth towels and towels when installing peripheral insert central catheters (PICCs) may impede heat transfer from assisted heating mechanisms, increasing the risk of neonatal hypothermia. Inside Progress in neonatal care, Clinical Assistant Professor Huong (Kelle) Fan reports that the plastic cover reduces the incidence of hypothermia.

“The use of plastic sheeting improves quality by reducing hypothermia in very low birth weight (VLBW) infants by replacing the cloth cover / towels with plastic sheeting during PICC placement,” Fan said. “The plastic blanket promises to improve nursing practice by providing improved thermal regulation for premature infants during PICC placement.”

When a premature baby’s body temperature drops below 36.5 ° C, the baby may be exposed to cold stress, which is a cause for concern. The recommended temperature range for postpartum stabilization is 36.5 ° C to 37.5 ° C.

Phan’s research project included the implementation of plastic veils over three months in 58 PICC procedures at level 3 NICUs. Pre- / post-experimental experiments were used to evaluate the effect of the intervention on the level of hypothermia compared to the baseline խմբի parallel cloth group.

“After the 3-month implementation period, the hypothermia level of the intervention group was lower than for the baseline (5.2% ,3 11.3%, respectively). “Post-PICC hypothermia levels were significantly lower for the intervention group than for the combined tissue group,” Pan said.

This evidence has shown that plastic veils reduce hypothermia levels in the NICU during VLBW infants during PICC placement compared to cloth blankets or towels.

“Phan’s innovative nursing intervention in the use of the plastic layer during the PICC introduction of Phan helps some of our most vulnerable patients, the newborns to be treated in the neonatal intensive care unit,” said Catherine Tart, Founding Dean և Chair և Humana Endowed Dean’s Chair , UH Nursing College.

Phan recommends further research to duplicate samples of larger samples of PICC inserts using a plastic sheath և other NICU procedures in the operating room.

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