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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) – Scammers are targeting people looking for so-called “sugar” relationships in Colorado Spring, according to the Better Business Bureau in Southern Colorado.

“What artists do is they offer people to become their own sugar or sugarcane,” said Southern Onathan Libert, executive director of BBB in Southern Colorado. “Basically, it means they are now trying to trick you into saying they are going to pay your bills.”

Usually, a sugar relationship consists of a sugar daddy or a sugar daddy who offers money in exchange for a love affair with someone smaller than them, often referred to as sugar. Fraudsters are now enjoying the growing popularity of sugar relationships, coupled with the loneliness and economic hardship suffered during the epidemic.

The BBB says fraud has generally risen sharply by 2020. Libert suspects that this is just the beginning of a special romance. People who present themselves as the mother of sugar or sugar, will receive benefits to the victims on one condition. Sugar baby should do good first.

“So the scammer is going to say when the money goes into your account, transfer some of that cash to their insecure friend, pay the outstanding bill or donate to a charity on their behalf,” Libert said.

But the receipt is never cleared, leaving the victim with potentially thousands of dollars out of their own money. 13 Studies Learned about a local teenager who overdid his account by $ 2,500 after falling victim to a sugar cane scam. Someone reported losing $ 19,000 to BBB.

“Individuals they ask to pay people are just scammers,” Libert said. “It simply came to our notice then. That charity is theirs. ”

Even if someone offers you money without the strings attached, the BBB says you still have to be skeptical. Never give out personal or banking information to people you do not know.

“It may not be that they are trying to get money from you today,” Libert said. “It may happen that they are trying to get information from you today so that tomorrow they can make that calculation from your account.”

If you’re not sure, the Southern Colorado Better Business Bureau welcomes phone calls. (719) 636-1155: You can also report fraud or verify that someone at BBB Scam Tracker has reported fraud.

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