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Children born after March 2020 have only been recognized as an epidemic world.

Some people still have to meet someone who is not a parent or is in a relationship with another child. Others know only the voices of certain family members, whose faces are partially hidden under a mask.

Lewis Russell is one of those babies born in October. She is one of the 3 million “COVID babies” born in 2020.

For the first six weeks of Lewis’ life, everyone he saw wore a mask.

Emily և osh Russell with their son Louis Russell, now 8 months old.  Lewis was born in October 2020 during the COVID-19 blockade in Michigan.

Emily Russell found out she was pregnant in January 2020. She and her husband, Osh Osh, told their families in February, a statement that was welcomed with great joy and embrace.

March was a two-week trip to Japan Aponia, scheduled for March to see cherry blossoms. That direction was quickly canceled after Emily Russell’s first OB-GYN appointment.

“I went to my first OB appointment when I was seven or eight weeks pregnant,” she said. “She told me that ‘there is a strange virus in China, Japan in Aponia և in Italy, so if you are going to travel, you can get pregnant, but if you are going to travel, do not go to one of those three countries.’

Emily osh osh Russell spent those weeks at home when the state և country was under siege.

Emily Russell worked as a pediatric oncologist at Detroit Children’s Hospital throughout her pregnancy. Like many frontline workers, she and her husband were isolated from their families without realizing what could bring them home from work.

Osh osh իլ Emily Russell with their son, Louis Russell, shortly after his birth in 2020.  In October

“We have not seen any of our families during March և Mothers Day,” she said. “It turned out very quickly, when we were very excited for the first eight or 10 weeks, then we had to hide mostly in our house, no one could really enjoy that very first part of the pregnancy with us. “My husband, me.”

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