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Northwest BC Activists were in the southern interior over the weekend, supplying supplies to forest victims by non-commercial groups in the northwest and others.

Through donations from community members, non-profit organizations, the necessary items were sent to young mothers and newborns: diapers, mixes, baby food, napkins.

Essentials were taken by key activist Galdis Radek’s essay McCallum-Miller, who were transported by car from the Terrace to Liluette and left the supply with cash donations. Radek will be back again this week with a second load of Terrace donations.

Terrace based Kermode Friendship Society, Smithers’ Dze L K’Ant Friendship Center Society and Friendship House Association of Prince Rupert, Tears to Hope, the Indian Residential School Survivors Society and the Matriarchs in Training are some of the agencies gathered to make donations. : accessories

Kermode Friendship Society CEO Le Olen Wesley said they will continue to raise donations. Wesley said that with many GoFundMe groups already raising money for forest fire victims, Kermode Friendship և allies preferred to raise essentials for newborns, young mothers because these items are difficult to obtain in such situations.

“When I heard about the Litton fire, the first thing that came to my mind were women և children … many families had lost everything և I could not just sit and do nothing,” Radek said.

Radek և McCallum-Miller told Black Press Media from Kelowna that the evacuees still needed items such as strollers, backpacks, wallets, blankets, pillows, bedding, baby toys, pens and more. These items can be thrown away. Kermode Friendship on Terrace Park Ave.

The Uygh said the trip to Liluet was “intense” as they witnessed numerous accidents along the Highway in Hazelton, Lake Burns: 100 miles from the cabin.

Shortly before reaching Lilout, shortly after 10 p.m., Radek said he saw only flames on the horizon. “It almost felt like we were on fire,” he said before describing the terrible air quality due to the smoke from the forest fires.

McCallum-Miller also said it was unfortunate to see the county government failing to act quickly to provide aid to forest fire victims.

“The people I spoke to told me that some of them did not receive support for more than 14 hours,” he said, adding that state and federal governments must respond in a timely manner.

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