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The woman, who gave birth to nine children in May, found that the current care regimen for her non-adults staying in the intensive care unit included 100 napkins and six liters of milk per day.

Halima Cisse, who surpassed the previous world record in one-time births, gave birth on May 5 at the Ain Borja Clinic in Casablanca, Morocco, Morocco.

The 26-year-old Malian woman told Mail online that births were like “an endless stream of babies from me.”

She said she only knew she would not give birth a few moments before giving birth.

“It was absolutely shocking to learn that I had nine children because I thought it would be seven.

“When the babies came out, so many questions came to my mind. I was very aware of what was going on, it seemed like an endless stream of babies was coming out of me.

“My sister was holding my hand, but I was only thinking about how I would follow them, who would help me.”

Nearly three months after birth, babies stay in incubators at the ICU for help from a team of doctors and nurses.

Mrs. Cisse said Mail online that the cells are fed և changed every two hours, passing together six liters of milk 100 100 pieces per day. They also get a health check every three hours.

He said that because of the need to recover from pregnancy and childbirth. He almost died due to blood loss. She visits the children twice a day for up to 30 minutes to communicate with them, as she does not yet have the energy to take care of them.

“It’s a lot of work, I still feel very weak,” said Ms. Cisse. “My pregnancy was very difficult, I needed a lot of rest.”

“It is quite difficult to give birth to one child, but having nine is unimaginable. Ast is the scope of work that involves their care. “I owe it to the medical team to do all the hard work և for the Government of Mali to fund it.”

“Fortunately, I do not have to get up at night if the children start crying, because the nurses do it, so I get a lot of sleep. “I am happy to be alive and have all this support,” he added.

Mrs. Cisse’s husband, Kader Arbi, visited the newborns for the first time on July 19. He was previously unable to travel due to Covid travel restrictions.

Mrs. Arbi met the couples and said: “It was an incredible feeling, I just thank God they survived, their health is improving, my wife. When I saw them, I was lost in words, it was hard to take them all. ”

He added. We are not able to engage in their day-to-day care, but it is a blessing because my wife needs the rest.

“My big concern is not the size of my house, how many rooms we have or the money, but the well-being of my wife and children.”

Both parents said that the non-knees were naturally pregnant.

The four boys and five girls received the names. Muhammad in honor of the King of Morocco Bah Բ, in honor of Mali, Al Haji, Umar, Hawaii, Adama, Fatuma Uumu և Kadida.

Although doctors say the babies’ health has improved significantly, they are expected to stay in the hospital for two more months.

To date, the bill for their care has been estimated at 1 1 million paid by the Mali government.

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