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Newmarket’s Abuse Hurts CEO Ellen Campbell believes Safe Haven-type legislation will help end infant mortality.

The bodies of two beautiful summer babies were buried in a white coffin surrounded by more love and respect than they had ever seen in their short lives.

Pax և Justice ուղ’s funeral service was touching: brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

Last Wednesday, as he stood next to a small coffin adorned with white flowers, purple and white bears at Richmond Hill Hill Elgin Mills Cemetery, Ellen Campbell could not contain her emotions and anger when tears were to be shed.

After Campbell’s speech, he played quiet music as OPP Chief of Staff. Shelley Tarnowski took the seemingly innocent coffin in her hands and left the room with a full-color guard behind her.

The coffin was placed on the plot of the Haggum Hope Memorial. The two babies were the last of the souls buried there. Their two names will be added to the 11 names placed on the monument.

In 2007, after hearing stories of babies being found abandoned in innocent graves in Ontario, Campbell, the founder and CEO of Abuse Hurts, a Newmarket-based company, decided to do something for them because no one should. to be buried without a name և name. proper funeral service.

“They enter a small grave. “Nobody even knew they existed,” he said.

He contacted the Ontario Attorney General, who agreed to release the bodies of the abandoned infants, and Elgin Mills Cemetery agreed to donate nine plots that could accommodate 45 infants.

Campbell was the first buried infant to be left in the Timmins Forest. Campbell has buried babies found in garbage cans and suitcases over the years.

As a child sexual abuse survivor, Campbell is related to these babies, calling their abandonment “the earliest stage of abuse outside the womb.”

Denial of a living child in Canada is a criminal offense under the Criminal Code. The law allows a parent to legally leave their child in a hospital emergency room, but this is anonymous, and an investigation will follow.

People who abandon their children often do so because they are afraid of being identified, or have mental health problems, or are in crisis. As a result, many newborns are abandoned and die every year in Ontario.

“I am told that there are two or three newborns a year who are thrown out in Ontario and they are found. So who knows how many we will not find, ”Campbell said.

The United States: Several European countries have laws that allow parents to leave their children anonymously in a safe place, but such legislation does not exist in Canada.

Campbell is trying to change that. He said that because of the rules in the United States, he no longer hears many stories about unsaved babies.

For the past 12 years, he has spent the struggle for legislation to allow parents to leave their infants without fear of prosecution or accusations of abandonment, without identifying themselves.

He said that the current policy is uncertain, not only the parents know the law, but also the police and the hospital staff.

He believes that if there was proper legislation, the society, the medical and the police would have clarified the policy, no child would have had to die because of being abandoned.

“It simply came to our notice then. “I thought this would be rubbish because it is legal.”

More than 2,000 newborns have been rescued in the United States over the past 10 years because of Safe Haven legislation, and many other countries around the world have passed similar legislation to save infants from premature death.

Campbell intends to continue to fight for proper legislation և policy և he will continue to hold funerals for these little babies, making sure their names are given և they will rest in love but hope that each one will be the last.

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