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Anti-abortion activists in San Francisco protested this week after Live Action, a non-profit abortion organization, published an e-mail.

E-mail The posts were published a Facebook post: on the group page ուղ accompanying it Article: on the organization’s website. In a Facebook post posted on July 6, which was shared more than 500 times, the group wrote that “it is time to perform abortion illegally, to prosecute those who abuse the bodies of children.”

The lawsuits do not accurately represent how the UCSF acquires և uses fetal tissue. But that did not stop the activists from gathering at the San Francisco Department of Public Health on July 14.

It was a complaint live broadcast Live Action Facebook page with 35,000 views. Activists chanted “Stop living fragmentation”, “Human rights begin in the womb”, “Do no harm”, “UCSF, we know what you are doing”.

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Pro-Life San FranciscoThe Live Action organization said it had obtained emails from UCSF staff through the California Public Records Act, which required government agencies, including state universities, to make certain documents and records available. make the demands of society by demand.

The emails seem to record a collection of fetal tissue, a standard practice in biomedical research. They indicate the type of fetal tissue collected, և time: date.

The genitals are one of the types of fetal tissue mentioned in the e-mail. In an email, a UCSF staffer stated that they had collected tissue from three different fruits: “testis [and] bladder “,” penis [and] bladder »և« clitoris, bladder [and] uterus. “

Acquiring fetal tissue

The UCSF has been conducting biomedical research using fetal tissue for decades, but the claim that they are obtained from slaughtered children greatly distorts the truth.

In a statement to PolitiFact, UCSF officials said the tissue used for the study came from donations, which can occur after a woman has a miscarriage, chooses a pregnancy for medical reasons, or chooses an abortion. Officials asked not to be named for security reasons.

“Only donated tissue can be used in the study,” officials said. “Many women who prefer to terminate or experience a miscarriage specifically ask if they can make those donations.”

When is the tissue of the fetus? dedicated to research As a result of selective abortion, officials said donations were made with the written consent of women when they made an “independent” decision to terminate their pregnancy.

«The: [Live Action] “The article, ‘using’ the word ‘harvest’, incorrectly implies that these abortions are performed to obtain tissue, which is false,” the officials said.

The direct action article also states that ““The technique of artificially inducing labor induction used in those facilities to obtain ‘fresh parts’ can result in frequent 50% of live births.” To support this assertion, the article quotes study Published report on abortion in the second quarter of 2011

This study only looks at medical abortions that cause misoprostol, a drug that causes the uterus to contract and expel the fetus. In the United States, abortions are more than one-third of all abortions over 8 weeks of pregnancy. Women are usually first given mifepristone, a drug that stops the absorption of progesterone in the womb, which is necessary for the fetus to survive.

The study found that “survival with misoprostol for more than 18 weeks for abortion ranged from 0% to 50%.” It quotes research Use of misoprostol since 2002 to facilitate mid-quarter abortions to satisfy a claim. In that study, women were simply given misoprostol without first taking mifepristone.

The researchers said that “live births are a possible complication of any medical induction in the intermediate trimester”, but that their study was “limited” by the size of the study, which involved 47 women, of whom only 23 were. treated with misoprostol. The end of the article encourages further research.

UCSF, among other reproductive health services, offers medical abortions at a clinic called the Women’s Sampling Center. Clinicians use both mifepristone and misoprostol, and UCSF officials say there has never been a live birth during an abortion procedure.

Why collect genitals?

Fetal tissue is used in a variety of studies to aid in scientific understanding of fetal development և may lead to new drugs և for different treatment conditions.

By studying fetal tissue, UCSF researchers were able to further understand how the urinary tract develops in men և women, how genital defects occur և the effect of the fetal environment on the development of the male և female reproductive organs.

“Tissues donated to research after a miscarriage or abortion may provide a significant insight that researchers would not otherwise be able to learn to translate as a treatment for a number of diseases,” the officials said.

For many years, UCSF researchers have also used fetal tissue to study HIV and test new drugs that could help treat the disease. The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health and funded terminated In 2019, after the administration of President Donald Trump announced new restrictions on government dollars, which are going to conduct research on human fetal tissue.

UCSF officials say fetal tissue tests are performed “within the ethical standards set by leading scientific research societies and professional research associations in full compliance with federal law.”

Our rating:

Live Action reports claimed that the UCSF was “collecting the clitoris, testicles and penises of slain infants.”

Live action quotes from emails are real և It is true that UCSF conducts biomedical examinations using human fetal tissue, including genital fetal tissue. However, social media reports suggest that the UCSF is deliberately killing children to acquire this tissue, which is brutally misleading and inaccurate.

The tissue used by UCSF scientists is donated to women who have had an abortion, terminated their pregnancy for medical reasons or opted for an abortion. In the case of elective abortions, women are offered the opportunity to donate fetal tissue only after they have made their own decision to terminate the pregnancy.

Moreover, in an article on the Live Action website that accompanied their initial social media post, the group claims that abortion techniques used to obtain fetal tissue often lead to live births, suggesting that Health workers obtain fetal tissue from live fetuses.

Although the group cites a scientific study to support their claim, the study only applies to abortions, which only misoprostol, a drug that causes the fetus to contract or expel the uterus. At UCSF clinics, medical abortions are performed with mifepristone, a fetid drug, before misoprostol is used to complete the abortion process. UCSF officials say they have never had a live birth during an abortion at any of their clinics.

UCSF biomedical examinations և fetal tissue acquisition is legal և follow ethical guidelines. It is clear that the Live Action messages take the university e-mail out of context. Emails և ignore facts.

Therefore, we value this post.

KE: – The statement is not accurate.


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