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Morocco, Casablanca – Women set a world record by giving birth to nine children at the same time. She said she was very happy three months after giving birth and did not rule out having more children.

It is a bit underestimated to say that Harima Cisse is full of hands. The family reported that they would drink 100 diapers և 6 liters of milk a day. And the couple already has a daughter.

“I feel very happy … this is a beautiful gift,” he told ABC News.

Her husband, Abdelka del Arbi, shares that feeling, calling the four boys and five girls “gifts from God.”

But growing up as the only child, Cisse said he always wanted a big family, whether he was surprised or not.

My 26-year-old mother lives in Mali. After her visit to OB-GYN, she was told that she was seven pregnant and had left for Morocco for medical treatment.

During the 30th week of her pregnancy, she gave birth to nine children by caesarean section (twice as many as expected).

Professor Youssef Alaku, director of the Ain Borja Private Clinic in Casablanca, said nine babies were at risk at birth.

The youngest child weighed a pound more, and Cisse underwent emergency surgery for internal bleeding.

Three months later, all the non-applets are all: prosperous և being treated in the neonatal ward of a Moroccan hospital.

Doctors said they expected the couple to be able to bring the children home in two months, and Arbi said he was waiting to see what life would be like.

“We focus on the child’s health,” he said.

According to CDC 2019, multiple births are rare. Of the 100,000 births in the United States, 87.7 were in the top three.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Nadia Suleiman, who gave birth to six boys and two girls in California in 2009, holds the record for most single children born. Newborns who became pregnant through in vitro fertilization (IVF) were delivered by caesarean section.

Cisse surpasses the record of most babies born after natural fertilization.

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Harima Cisse, mother of nine, says she feels “very happy” after giving birth

Source link Mali non-attachment. Harima Cisse, a mother who has given birth to nine children, says she feels “very happy” after giving birth

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