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Hulu reunites with Nicole Kidman Big little lies Wellness-gone- Wrong melodrama team Nine perfect strangers. ABC Superstar: profiled by the late Kobe Bryant. Comedy Central allows Awkwafina to be From her queens in the second season of funny hiccups. Watch the growth of exotic animals thanks to National Geographic և Disney +. TCM’s: Summer under the stars Congratulations to Robert Redford on his 84th birthday.


Nine perfect strangers

If you have just left HBO White lotus և Looking for a new outfit, this surreal և soap opera consists of eight parts Big little lies team (author of the book: Liana Moriarty, executive producer David E. Kelly Adapts) takes you to Tranquillum House, a health and wellness retreat in California wildlife (filmed in Australia). The attraction spa is controlled by the mysterious Masha (Nicole Kidman), whose manipulative games will change her guests forever. Her new clients include Melissa McCarty as a loser who lost her mojo, Bobby Canavale as a former NFL player addicted to painkillers, Regina Hall as an unhappy divorced, unusual murderer Michael Shannon as a husband-father who try to help him. The family suffers an inexplicable loss. Part comedy, part tragedy, after all, everything is just surreal. The first three episodes will be reduced this week, and the rest – weekly.

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The documentaries shed light on Kobe Bryant’s basketball career փայլ a brilliant life beyond և. Superstar: celebrates her sporting achievements, reports on a difficult personal life, and finally focuses on devotion to her family, including coaching her daughter. Ig came down The basketball team that ended in January 2020 with a tragic helicopter crash that took the lives of him, ig iji և and others.

Awkwafina from Nora Queens Season 2 Trailer

Comedy Central / YouTube:

Awkwafina is one of Nora’s queens

Aw affordable Avquafina (Crazy rich Asians), Nora Lum returns to the second season of the bizarre, fun-filled villains inspired by her pre-star life growing up in Queens with her grandparents, played perfectly by the BD Wong rebels. Lori Tan Chin. In the first of two episodes, Nora examines her nowhere-to-be-lived life as she works in a CBD store, training a naive Iowa novice who has a very interesting (գրեթե fun, almost accurate) attitude. Sex և city. The second most touching episode sends him back to 2003. Thanks to the MRI machine և earthquake, the nuances of Zoey’s Extra playlist, where he thinks he is giving life advice to his younger son, are a curse of time.

Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens - Comedy Central


Growing animals

Following in the footsteps of these classic Disney nature films, National Geographic is producing a six-part series depicting animals in the wild as they feed on an independent future. Tracy Alice Ross (skin:) tells the episodes, each of which is dedicated to different animals: baby chimpanzees, sea lions, elephants, African wild dogs, lions, grizzlies. Even the most cruel are wonderful when they are young.

20th Century Fox Film Corp.

Summer under the stars

Here is the appropriate gift for the 84th anniversary of the movie icon Robert Redford և for his fans. Redford’s inauguration at TCM Annual Summer under the stars TV series with a 24-hour marathon of his films. It starts with one of his least famous, 1962 Hunting for war, with accents, including the political satire of the Watergate era Candidate: (1: 15/12: 15c), a story of incomparable love The way we were (3: 15/2: 15c), in front of Barbra Streisand; Baseball classic 1984 Natural: (5: 30/4: 30c), an epic romance Outside of Africa (8 / 7c) vs. Meryl Streep; և his immortal cooperation Paul Newman In the 1969s Butch Cassidy և Sendens Kid (11 / 10c):

True Crime Watch:

  • I survived a serial killer (9: 30/8: 30c, A&E). The new 12-part documentary survives encounters with evil from the point of view of survivors, starting with the gut. Enn enifer Asbenson, who lived to tell the story of his abduction in Palm Springs in 1992.
  • Pursuing with John on Walsh (10 / 9c, Investigation Discovery). The: America’s most wanted icon son Kalahan Walsh Return to the third season of the crime-stopping activity, holding 26 profiled refugees since the beginning of the series. The premiere is about the case of a missing devoted single mother. The main suspect of his so-called “secret friend”, especially after fleeing.
  • Memories of a murderer. Nielsen tapes (Streams on Netflix) A horrific documentary came to the mind of a British serial killer Dennis Nielsen, who tells his own atrocities in a series of videos recorded from prison.

Inside the TV on Wednesday.

  • Riverdale (8 / 7c, The CW). Chick from the old block when he was the son of Mark Conceulus Michael plays in its junior form. Occasion Hiram (Mark) tells the story of his origins with Reggie (Charles Melton), revealing how he changed from a young ime am Luna (Michael) to the king of Riverdale crime.
  • He calls Dr. Phil at home (9 / 8c, CBS). Who is he at the door? He seems to be the chief mental health therapist of daytime television, who is now making his way on the road, leaving the studio to engage needy families. Opening, he travels to Utah to treat a family where the teenage girl has not spoken to her father for years.
  • In the same breath (9 / 8c, HBO). Starting a documentary Nanfu Wang (One child nation) takes a very individual approach to surviving the early days of the COVID-19 epidemic, following how the spread was misunderstood both in his native China and in the United States he adopted.
  • The FBI declassified (10 / 9c, CBS). Back to the summer documentaries, which tell the story of the bureau’s biggest events, refer to the “enemy of the state” in its conspiracy theory, the secret search for an internal terrorist. Edward McLarnonwho plotted to assassinate a federal judge, a Massachusetts attorney general, and a social worker in protest of the judiciary.
  • The diary of the future president (streamed by Disney +)Tess Romero), a Cuban-American traveler whose diary tells the story of the future leader of America.

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