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For the second year in a row, L NICU staff at Saint Luke’s North Hospital’s maternity ward celebrate Baby Shark Week. No one had COVID-19 և delivered during the epidemic as part of their birth plan. The staff in North St. Uke wanted to do something special for the families to make it even more memorable this time around.

Dr. Rebecca Hamel, one of the northern midwives of our Sanctuary, USA, came up with the idea for Shark Week last year to create something special for the families who take us to the hospital during our Shark Dog Week.

“I’ve been watching Shark Week since the early ’90s, when it was brand new,” said Dr. Hamel. “I remember my mother being late recording it because my bedtime had passed. I would watch them later on VHS. I never missed one, it was kind of my thing. ”

In 2020, staff at the hospital created shark foam bandages with strict instructions for newborns. This year, several nurses, Dr. Sisi Lee, OB-Gyn Saint Luke’s Women’s Health North, were baby shark hats for newcomers that families can take with them.

“I did not start last year, but I saw all the social media that St. Lucas did during Baby Shark Week,” said Dr. Lee. “I was kind of jealous. So I was really excited to be a part of it this year. ”

In order for all this to come together, it was necessary in the system, և the team started planning և to create hats weeks ago. They even decorated the unit with baby shark ocean ornaments.

“We are very excited to provide them this year,” said Kadie, manager of Northeastern Nursing in St. Uke. “It was a rough year for everyone, to see how far we were last year, we wanted to make a big fuss.”

It took one to two hours to finish each hat.

“I think it’s really fun to celebrate with families,” said Dr. Lee. “I hope we have enough hats for all the birthdays we are looking forward to.”

“Childbirth itself is a truly wonderful event, it’s really special to these moms, it’s just giving us something special to make it different, to make it more memorable,” said Dr. Hamel.

To see Baby Shark Week photos and special video, check out St. Luke’s North Hospital եյսբ Facebook page և St. Uka’s on Instagram.

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