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He said DHB’s latest salary offer was offensive.

Hutt Valley midwife Anna Berry said stress և long hours were severe, forcing her to quit her previous job.

“I have absolutely suffered from severe burns. So I actually had to leave because it was too real … I was suffering from chronic nausea and stress. ”

Berry used to say that sometimes she was the only midwife in the ward, and she feared that mothers and children might be hurt if conditions did not improve.

“I absolutely think there are already examples of women who feel neglected in smoking.

“I certainly feel that women feel that they are being discharged too soon.

The midwives’ union MERAS rejected DHB’s latest offer, saying it was worse than the previous two deals already concluded by members.

Il Owens from the union said the parties had agreed on a number of issues besides money.

“And it was so problematic, because DHBs take a very tough stance, they are ridiculously strict, but they fail because they do not make the decisions.

“The Ministry of Health այլ other layers of the bureaucracy and the government above them hinder them to the extent that they come [to talks] “They can not negotiate.”

Meg Waghorn, a mother of two in Wellington County, is heavily involved in parenting groups.

He said the lack of government support for midwives pits parents against them.

“I want to tell the Labor Party that you are losing women in this matter.

“I’m really active in online parenting, I’m noticing change. This is because women are enough, we have no control over money, we just want you to do it.

“We can not lose another midwife in our community.”

Health Minister Andrew Little spoke briefly without news of new money being agreed with DHBs.

“All I can say is that we are fully committed to the property ownership claim, we are at a point where we can start negotiations in the next two or three weeks.

“And as the speaker used to say. We just have to make it happen. ”

He said that it is planned to involve more staff.

DHBs said their latest offer included a $ 5,800 salary increase to be paid within a year և an immediate $ 6,000 lump sum payment.

The wage capital agreement was also finalized, which is likely to increase with the increase in wages.

DHBs said it was a good offer given the economic circumstances, and was disappointed that the union did not allow midwives to vote on it before leaving work.

However, the union said members knew the details of the offer.

He said that if there was no better offer, there would be a nationwide strike next Thursday.


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