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There are fears that some of Solihull’s newborns will spend their first few months in the wider world due to coronavirus restrictions.

Discussing health priorities this week focused on the potential impact on newborns born just before or during a crisis.

Emphasis was placed on the ability to give young people the best start in life.

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In particular, reference was made to the first 1,001 days, which includes the period of pregnancy, and then to the first two years after delivery.

Claire Annette Mackenzie (Con, Shirley East) said she was concerned that those who came to the world in crisis were growing up in very different circumstances.

“Some babies born during the epidemic are almost halfway through those 1001 days. Maybe some of them may think there are only two people in the world,” they said.

“And they did not see the faces of others if they were taken out.

“Do you anticipate the need for more support from isolated parents – the need for support when we leave now with the lifting of restrictions?”

Strict measures of restraint have restricted social contact in Solihull for most of the last 16 months.
Strict measures of restraint have restricted social contact in Solihull for most of the last 16 months.

It is clear that Solihal strictly controlled those who were allowed to enter your home during the first national blockade, and in September the local household ban was restored locally.

Restrictions on meetings inside May eased again, but were generally lifted only this Monday.

The Minister for Social Welfare and Adults, Claire Tony Dichico, acknowledged that the long-term effects of the epidemic were unknown, but told the board last night that the situation was closely monitored.

“No one really knows the full extent of the last 18 months or so, the pre-blockade, in fact the deadlock.

“And I think there are a lot of problems, not just for newborns, small children, but for the wider community.

Picture of Solihal city center

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“The work we do on mental health is the most important part of it. In fact, trying to help people recover from a very traumatic, unprecedented time.

“So I think we need to look at the evidence that we’re going to see when we look at children.

At the national level, the 1,001-day movement lobbied the government to ensure that the needs of newborns were “understood and prioritized.”

Last year, a group representing the Department of Health and Social Welfare voiced their concerns and said that urgent action was needed to ensure that the newborns did not appear as “collateral damage”.

“Throughout the UK, there are children locked up in low-quality, overcrowded apartments with a shortage of basic necessities, whose parents are taking care of them under enormous pressure.

“Closure is stressful for everyone, but for newborns (born or unborn) it happens at a crucial time in their development, when they are especially vulnerable to family stress and anxiety.”

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