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Sleep is a wonderful thing for parents to raise their children in the trenches. An umbrella with a well-known health-inspired humidifier that cleans the air and injects it with soothing scents will help to make breathing a little easier. For its latest collaboration, the New York-based company has teamed up with Lalo, a stylish children’s clothing designer, to release a limited number of aromatherapy fragrances.

Debuting this week, the collection contains two fragrances. One is to stimulate sleep, and the other is to clear up congestion (because summer colds are definitely one thing). Both fragrances are composed of all natural ingredients կարող can be easily spread with the help of a moisturizer that fights germs, so that everyone, including parents, can sleep peacefully at night (fingers crossed) and develop a healthier home.

Sur ergatively, moisturizing is not only essential in winter. In summer, they can help counteract the effects of indoor air conditioning, which dampens the air. Humidifiers still have a malignant reputation for being brittle, difficult to clean, and prone to molding. Since launching in 2020, Umbrella has set out to address many of these common catchers.

It is noteworthy that contraception is smooth. It measures 10 x 7 x 8.5 inches, so it can easily fit on a bedside table. The device is foggy. Instead of emitting pieces of steam, the canopy relies on evaporation technology և a fan of white noise to constantly pump water droplets into the air. Ultraviolet light silences 99.9% of germs to kill germs, and the antibacterial paper filter (which needs to be replaced every six weeks) traps dirt, debris and dust, making your atmosphere cleaner. – someone has an allergy. , He’s nice. The equipment is available in four colors: its detachable tray and water tank are safe for the dishwasher, so there is no need to clean the parts by hand (a problem that many of us forget to do, hence the problems with the mold).

Part of the Zen is the aromatherapy “murmur”, a three-centimeter rounded tray that fits neatly into the top bar of the Canopy holes, where you can place drops of essential oils to dilute the odors through the air. Canopy recently partnered with The Sill Limited Aromatherapy, an open-air brand և herbal supply company, and Lalo, the latter, was the first to consider younger tykes. “We heard from new parents that they were buying an umbrella humidifier for their kindergartens. They really loved the experience,” said Eric Neher, Canopy’s chief marketing officer, at the heart of the inspiration-based college.

Lalo co-founders Michael Wieder and Greg Davidson were among those parents. “We both used an umbrella humidifier in our newborn nurseries and saw the effect,” says Wieder, adding that “cooperation was natural.”

The S nose will appreciate that Canopy x Lalo blends are made with pure essential oils, herbal և without synthetic ingredients. The sedative contains lavender և vanilla for a comfortable, sleepy scent, while Clear refreshes the nasal passages with crisp eucalyptus and sweet orange. For small people, everything is non-toxic և safe, a mission that is also a major issue for Lalo, according to Wieder. Designed in New York և Scandinavia, the brand of infants և toddlers has gained a solid following among conscious parents who appreciate its well-constructed, rigorously tested items. that is, “easy on the eyes.” All this is very convenient for Instagram, solid և not ridiculously expensive.

With such an umbrella moisturizer, Lalo pieces come in muted colors and are easy to clean. Although the Canopy x Lalo partnership will only be available for a limited time (buy it while deliveries are available), here are five Lalo items to simplify your life with your baby.

Lalo’s newborns and the first necessity to eat, play and travel with babies

Lalo’s armchair

Designed to reduce waste, this best-selling convertible chair has two forest board-certified beech legs that shrink from 33 inches to 23 inches by simply changing legs, so you can use it for years when your child will grow up.

Lalo lunch set

Feeding babies is a mess. This set has everything you need: a silicone absorbent plate և plate, plus pepper, cups և spoons so you are ready to spit խաղ throw food on the walls.

Lalo Orchestra Collection

This versatile table serves as a dining area for art projects, game day activities. It is accompanied by two chairs in the shadows, which can be mixed, from cobalt to powdery rose to a limited amount of sage.

Lalo Daily stroller

Settings modern stroller with three parameters (upright, sloping և completely flat), which is easily folded, has a machine-washable shaft, shock-absorbing wheels և is compatible with different child car seats.

Lalo Basinet

Designed to keep babies comfortable when they sleep on their backs, this basin has a mattress, both of which are fully washable, plus an egg that allows enough air to flow optimally during the warmer months.



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