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For more than a year now, many residents within the Park Louisville Memory Care community have had visitors. Now they will never be alone.

LOUISWILL, K. – Sandy Cambron և Shannon Blair prepared for a special delivery at Park Louisville Senior Living on Friday morning.

They opened three red carts that filled them with baby dolls and stuffed puppies. Shiny dolls are going to be as much life as you can get.

Blair pointed to one in particular, a gray-and-white hat with elephant ears on each side. It is handmade by one of the many donors who help to continue their deliveries.

Like every visit to a memory care facility, these stuffed animals’s stuffed animals are here on a mission.

“It’s great to just be here again,” Cambron said. “We missed him so much.”

HARAKI. “It’s very emotional.” Offering comfort to nursing home patients through baby dolls

For more than a year, many residents of the Park Louisville Memory Care community have had visitors visit, hug, grab, and talk.

For a person with dementia or Alzheimer’s, there are days of loneliness, forgetfulness, or fear.

But there is joy on this day, thanks to Cambron երի Blair.

“Oh oh goodness. “What a beautiful baby, too,” said one resident when Cambron handed him a baby doll wrapped in a soft blanket to match his hat. “Isn’t she beautiful?”

“He will be yours forever,” replied Cambron.

About a dozen residents filled the common area, waiting their turn, anxious to see what their baby or dog would look like.

For some, they may evoke memory.

“It must be my Brian,” said one woman, looking at her baby. “She had big cheeks. “Small fat cheeks.”

“I would take two or three of them if they were real,” said another resident who grew up with nine siblings.

No matter what they think inside, what you see at that moment is a smile.

“You are so sweet, yes, you are,” a woman says to her baby. “You are as beautiful as you can be.”

“When they squeezed their breasts, it was the craziest thing,” said Killey Cott, Park Louisville’s sales and marketing director.

It all started here for Cambron. When her mother-in-law Pearl was found to have Alzheimer’s, the only thing they found on her and her husband was a baby doll.

“It was just immediate,” Cambron said. “You could just see the joy, he never parted from it. “When he passed, we just knew what the difference was, so my husband and I started doing it as often as possible.”

Pearl’s Memory Babies was born in 2018.

“See the pitchers,” said Cambron. “I can not explain it. That’s heartbreaking. “

He and Blair have since delivered newborns to more than 1,500 residents at memory centers across Kentucky, South Indiana.

“It never gets old,” Blair said. “Because everything is different. We can connect with everyone because we have been there. We were guardians. “

When Sandy is asked: “Is that real?” he never answers.

“Because that’s what they want it to be,” Blair said. “If it is real for them, it is real. If not, it still comforts them. ”

They spent time with each resident before moving on, and after receiving the last person in the room with the gift, Blair and Cambron headed to the veteran. These are the most men they have ever visited.

“I brought you a puppy with a flag band,” Cambron said as he placed the puppy on the man’s walker. Two other veterans were sitting in the other room.

It’s an instant connection.

“I love him,” said one of the men.

They entered rooms where residents could be in bed, being careful not to let anyone in.

“I think sometimes people forget about our veterans, so that was one of the highlights of my day,” Cote said.

“It’s still emotional because I’m going back to my mom,” Blair said. It’s therapeutic, very emotional, I would not change anything, I am very happy that I was able to do it. “

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Returning to the common room, the residents looked at their new loves.

“That’s a pretty smile, isn’t it?” a woman said to her friend. “Wouldn’t it be nice if the whole world could smile like that?”

And with that, the hearts of all the listeners melted. The mission is done.

Pearl’s Memory Babies is only able to deliver what you can give away. Every penny donated from your tax goes into buying more babies and puppies to deliver to Alzheimer’s և Dementia patients.

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