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This week it turned out that: Princess Eugene և Jack are Brooksbank painfully forced? postpone their son’s August baptism in July due to the guest’s self-isolation.

August Brooksbank is five months old և was going to be baptized in a private ceremony the queen and his aunt Princess Beatrice present

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WATCH. A detailed look at the maternity baptism gown

The royal family has a tradition of baptizing their children at a very young age, usually up to six months.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge baptized Prince George at the age of three months, Princess Charlotte at the age of two months, and Prince Louis at the age of three months. Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Duchess Megan christened Archie Harrison just two months old.

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Princess Charlotte

The christening of Princess Charlotte

Princess Diana was baptizing her sons William և Harry in two or three months, respectively, while Princess Beatrice was four months old for her baptism.

Interestingly, Sarah Ferguson waited nine months for Princess Eugene to be baptized, According to: People, at that time the Duchess was waiting for Prince Andrew to return from the job of commander of his naval flight.

Prince Harrin

Princess Diana in a family dress with Prince Harry

So why do royal families choose to baptize their children at such a young age?

Along with the fact that young children look adorable in their baptismal dress, dipping their head in water is a little easier, there is a very practical reason.

Royal infants traditionally wear the Honiton lace christening gown as it was made for Queen Victoria in 1841.

The beautiful dress is designed for a small child, so why do royal families choose baptisms when their babies can still fit in it?

The Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William, and many other kings were all baptized with special family inheritance.

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Prince Charles

The Queen with the newborn Prince Charles

However, after baptism Lady Louise Windsor In 2004, it was decided that the old clothes were too thin to be used again. As a result, the queen ordered an exact copy of the 1841 baptismal gown to replace the original robe.

The new dress was then worn by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the three children Archie Harrison, James Ames and Viscount Severn.

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